Love and Hate

If you’ve ever fallen in love and learn to remain in it, you will understand why the people of old tagged it “falling” not rising in love.

It’s like falling into a pit consciously and realising that is exactly where you belong. You don’t want to go anywhere. Like the Hausa man would say,
“fadiwa yazo daidai da zama”. But you will also realized that one of the things that kept your love going was passion-an extragant fondness to keep building -even when everyday wasn’t Christmas.

Passion is a very tricky word. People use it anyhow. You will hear, “I am just passionate about this new business”. Others would say they have discovered their gift or talents and they are passionate about living it.

If you ask them how they come to realize this they will answer “because I just love it!”


Love is the beginning of passion, but many will stop following that vision after 6 weeks. Some will tell you all the reasons why they had to stop. I once met a 12 year old boy telling me how passionate he was in building motor cars (toys) but he said his mother wouldn’t allow him to do it so he had to quit.

From age 12 to 70 or 80 people give excuses why they can’t live their passion and the more we age the more we invent beautiful, well- framed excuses. Even though someone with a worse condition has risen above it, some are still manufacturing excuses. We almost pickup the excuses from childhood and become better at it as we grow. I did that too.

But here’s what became the beginning of my deliverance.

It was a simple discovery.

I realized I only loved my passion but I didn’t hate other things. Passion is a combination of love on the North Pole balanced with hate on the south pole Loving something is not enough, you must hate any other thing that encourages laziness.

For example if you want to be rich, you must hate poverty. Nothing is wrong with poverty as long as it is not presumed to be the destination- in fact many countries we admire today started in gross poverty- but something is wrong with “loving” it and comfortably defending it.

That sacrosanct hatred is required when you want to break out and never look back.

If you love God, you must hate or resist the devil. Or else you will not follow God passionately.

Imagine how your life would be if you follow your passion.
Now, imagine how it will be if you don’t.

Are you feeling it now?


Hatred is an emotion created by God. Surely, it must have a good use.

People who stay true to a cause have discovered what they love, but they have also discovered what they hate.

Always remember to love something, buts that’s not enough!


Brian Tracy said, “stop using your incredible brain to think up elaborate rationalizations and justification for not taking action”.

Go ahead and write the things you love that has direct position effect on you and your society, then write you hate. There lies your first pointer to your passion. Do it now!


By A.M Misal