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I know some brand; Cocoa cola, Fanta, Techno, Gucci, LG. But I’m not into production of goods, and I’m not into these kind of business. So I wouldn’t want to talk about this. A lot of people have these idea on their subconscious or conscious mind, but I can assure you that the branding am talking about is much more related to you than the aforementioned items. we are in a fast and impatient world that ignores and boycotts the ‘real goodies’ because there are so many irrelevant options both in the writing, goods, professional services and other aspects of life.

This bring me to the first lesson, if peradventure the writer of this work happens to be either Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, Strive Misiyawa, Joshua Selman, Mike Murdok, John Maxwell, or people in your sphere of interest. You’ll probably want to read through (that’s if you are a natural reader and serious about your life) even if the title is ‘the introduction to quantum electrodynamics of rocket science.’ (Some people wouldn’t read a book of any topic, half a page of any topic could be a tedious work for some people to read)

Why is that so?

Two words; Promise and Experience. The promise that the name carry and the value experience you’ve have with them. This is because these people are Brands in whatever they do.

Lesson 1– People and organizations can be and are Brands. Imagine you were to have a brain surgery and you were told that Dr. Benjamin Carson is the surgeon that would be in charge. You’ll most assuredly be most hopeful and confident than when you have a ‘no name’ surgeon opening your brains up. In fact the major reason why people in Nigeria go abroad for medical attention is not necessary because we are not good, but those countries has better brands than ours.

Or imagine being in a war zone area of Iraq, what would you rather have as human protection? Nigerian police or US Rangers?

Hahaha… well that’s the power of a brand. Build one or be one.

Bottom line_ wherever you’ll be; professionally, in the market, employed or self-employed, politics, religion, education, entertainment.There’s always and always will be competition, mark the word always. What will give you an edge in this ocean of madness is a brand that has been tested-a brand; person or product that has kept to its promise and has connected to the heart of its customer. Brand brings safety and security to this unbridled world.

Be true to your brand and yourself.

Lesson 2 – You are either a brand or just commodity. Rolex. What comes to your mind? Samsung, Ferrari, McDonalds, HP, Apple, Hollywood. The facts speak for themselves.

Bottom line_ in today’s world and economy, there is more competition for your customers’ attention, time, and money. And even more, people want to know that you are caring more about them than what you are selling them. Build a relationship with your customer.

In the co-authored book Midas Touch of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, they have the following to say about brands; ‘your reputation is the foundation of your brand. Guard your reputation with your life. In business, your reputation is more important than your business. The reason so few business become brands is because most business are in the business of making money. Even if your brand does not grow into Coca-Cola or McDonald’s, if you care about your customer, your customer will carry your brand in their heart.’

You must do something to make your product or service a brand, it’s an intentional effort. If your competition are many who produce your product or type of service, be the brand leader, that will not only make you survive, but will also make you thrive.

To stand out, be an example of quality, learn to pay attention to feedback and maintain personal and business integrity. By quality, allow your product to sell itself. Allow excellence to guide you. Give pride and security to your customers. Deliver an incontestable experience!

Final advise, pay attention to detail, it is small difference that makes the different.

Those who are familiar with my writing know that I’ll always advise you to acquire more knowledge from books and life experiences. As the usual saying, nothing of value is ever truly learnt in a day. Acquire more knowledge.

Be unpretentious, different and meaningful. Stand out and make no apology for who you or what you stand for!

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Mshelia Manasseh, is an entrepreneur, with a strong passion for writing about entrepreneurship/business and also loves to teach inspiring entrepreneurs to start, manage and build a thriving business.

His Facebook page: The African Entrepreneur

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