About Us

Well of Excellence International Magazine( The Well Magazine) is a kingdom based online magazine set up to serve as an archive of wisdom, connecting and transferring rightly filtered truth especially to the third world nations.


Keep drawing…we shall never run dry.


To touch the world with uncommon excellence by providing an archive of in-depth ancient wisdom and secrets of great men of God’s kingdom.


Becoming a medium for the transfer of undiluted excellence and addition of value from the kingdom elites to the younger generation through writing and broadcast until everyone discovers their glorious destinies.


“…teach him the wonder of books.. “ -Abraham Lincoln
An adage says “if you want to hide anything from a black man, put it in a book”- these words were spoken centuries ago, unfortunately decades have passed, years have gone, but many are born and lived only to re-establish these mind provoking words, only few men developed themselves to the point of defying those words- these are the “MEN” we desire to continually have encounters with here in Well of Excellence. After a number of encounters with some influential and respected elites in the field of business, academia, music, ministry and the political sector among others, we discovered something essential is lacking in the life of the young child of the third world and developing nations. Yes, we cannot but admit that there is a lot of “good knowledge” in circulation but not in consumption. The good words are ignored, negatively criticised and misunderstood, while the bad and the unnecessary words are always gushing out especially in the media sector in high doses and greatly consumed on daily basis. The words we are exposed to are spirit and life and the media world is playing a vital role in transmitting this powerful treasure. Well of Excellence is here to correct and clarify what has been perverted. We shall also bring you interviews with influential men of the kingdom, we believe the secret of great men is in their stories. we know the secret to the future is in the past.
“All of us wish to know something about others; their experience, their ups and downs, their failure and triumphs” – ORAL ROBERTS