November to Remember

Wellofexcellence | December 17, 2018 | 2

November to remember    A friend loves at all times but a brother is born for adversity… I kept thinking about this verse over and over again, what happened to my life? Why are my friends not loving me at all […]


Wellofexcellence | November 29, 2018 | 1

Stress, this word sounds familiar to us all and we are aware in one way or the other of its affects on us. The unfortunate but undeniable fact is that you and I live in a stress filled world. Students or […]


Wellofexcellence | November 21, 2018 | 9

STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE!!!… ASUU. Strike is one the most trending issues in Nigeria,especially among Federal and states Universities. With strike as the trending issue one can say all Nigerian students can be categorize into three (3) levels which are: * THE […]

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