Commercializing your Talent( Part 2)

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We all want greatness and success, but much more than that, we want to attain that by doing something we are passionate about. Though most times  we do what you love only at a restricted point because of so many things clamoring for our attention, achieving what we want is all possible if we know what to do. Therefore, the problem is we don’t know what to do to curb this issues, and obviously we don’t know how to do those things. I intend to fix this problem through through this series.

Beloved reader, I’m glad to have you on this episode of commercializing your talents, in the preceding part, I’m of the hope that we understand that we are all talented and that each of our talents has an infinite potential for greatness.

As promised, we’ll dive into how you can start monetizing your talents.

To achieve success in your passion is most times than not, finding financial breakthrough from it, but just like the saying, “as a man thinketh so is he”. I believe the first step to success begins from the mind, so, today’s sets of lessons will be based on the mindset that can monetize your talent.

Lesson 1: You are how you see yourself.
Talk with champions and you will see that beyond the accolades of the fans, they are their first fans! You have to have a healthy mind about you. You have to assure yourself that your talent is worthy and valuable. The mind is like a computer program, as long as a hardware device is not program to perform a function, it will be restricted from that performance. It can have an infinite potential yet it can’t perform until the software is designed in that way. The mind is the software to our being, our body and actions, and even people respond to it. You have to change how you think to become what you can be. So how should you think?

Lesson 2: Think BIG
There is no greater disease we have physically or mentally as Africans as our limited thinking, ask a young man of 25 where he wants to be in 10 years and you’ll be lucky if he want to be at state level. Most literary don’t know. They’ll be saying something about being a ‘big boy’ in town. C’mon if your going to be that stupid at least aim to be a big guy internationally. What’s your pick?

You won’t go anywhere with your talent if you set a mediocre height. mediocre means average or slightly above average. It has to be BIG!
Understand that your skill and talent is worthy of the world and the world to come. What we decide to spend our life doing isn’t a small business and we shouldn’t even think of undermining our potential. Africa has contributed little of it’s own quota to the progress of mankind and I think it’s time someone step up and do something better.

You can’t do everything but you can do something in the area of your talent. That song, that interest in technology, agriculture, that book. Just do something.

if you want the simple and small life it’s Okay, really Okay so long as you choose to be small in a big way. Do it in the most excellent of ways and you’ll achieve as much as those who wish to make a statement to the world. Think big and money will be just a natural reward. Think BIG!

Lesson 3: Have a healthy perspective about Money.
You see, what you resent or don’t understand, you hardly have control over it. My friend, I know we we’ve been told that ‘money is the root of all evil’, but what my Bible teaches me is that ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil’. You only love to the point of evil what you do not have. Nothing will make you crave for money than it’s lack. You won’t last long when you don’t know how to create money from your talent. Money is not the goal. Without it your capacity to pursue your dreams will be frustrated. And that’s how many give up there calling for the hilarious ‘security’ in jobs. I personally love business, it’s my passion. But with all my knowledge of business if I don’t get money to start it’s no good, even if I do it, if I can’t make it into a profit venture I’m just a joke that the only good I can offer is for others to learn not to be me.

In fact you don’t need money to start but you need money to continue.
You have to know that your talent or ability is worthy of monetary reward. Most of our hobbies e.g Reading books, listening to songs, watching movies and most of what makes us happy are a product of someone’s talent.

The talent of the writer, artist, actor/actres, producer, script writer and others. The phones and gadget you use is a product of someone’s talent. The food you eat is a product of someone’s talent too. And you know what’s common for them? They make money from you by giving you the value you value. It’s that simple! Someone wants your talent to make their life better and more satisfying and they are ready to pay you. If not this way, are you expected to steal?

The other thing I want you to understand here is that you need an above average understanding of money. I don’t know if someday I get to write about MONEY itself, but know that money is beyond the ‘dollar’, ‘naira’, money is a lot of things.

Understanding this will enable you spend those things as money and it will help you convert those into the paper value. Just briefly, Money is Time, Relationships, Value, Ideas, Mindset and lot more.

Lesson 4: You are in business.
To succeed financially you must understand that you are in business, it doesn’t matter what it is, your first identity must be as an entrepreneur. That’s where the money happens. Allow me to explain.

If you want to monetize your talents and passion, you must see whatever you are offering as a Brand (see my article on brand), not just a commodity. Your skill is a good exchange for money and in the same way, that product must be packaged, improved and sold. You will understand that you are in a market with other similar products. You have competition, you therefore have to understand your market, customer, trend, middlemen etc.
This is probably the greatest realization you will discover in the journey of making money. even if you are a clergy you must know you are in business.

Perhaps not one whose purpose primarily to make money, but one with customers that if you aren’t able to satisfy their needs they’ll go where the can get help.

I’ve touch but a little on the mindset we need for monetizing our talents, there are many more, but
I’ll stop here for convenience sake.

Next episode will be what we need to do to take that skill to financial freedom. You are step closer. You see friends, talent isn’t what necessarily make you truly rich, nothing can replace talent but their are a lot of talented lads out there, yet they are no where,

what is it that makes the difference? The 3rd episode will answer this question. Stay tuned. And drop your comments and questions here.


By Mshelia Manasseh

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