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We all have something we’re good at, either a natural gift or skill we developed over time. People have advised and reemphasized the need for us to follow our passion and what we love doing, yet, we all know we ‘can’t’ do that in the real world.

We would rather follow a career path than do football, cook, write, talk, paint, sing or whatever we love doing because our basic instinct of survival always prevails, “man must chop” being the mantra. We feel that for us our talents and passion cannot give us the life we desire to live: a life of abundance, making ends met, at the expense of our dreams. And sadly enough that will be the end of a fulfilled future.

What if I tell you there is still hope of pursuing your dreams and passions, and by that live a life far more prosperous and fulfilling than you’ll ever have sitting in an office panting for months’ end for a cheque that will barely take you through the month?

This is what this series will be about, monetizing your passions/talents. This title comes from a book I’m working on. I hope you do enjoy the ride. This is start of a dream come true for you. Check out the definition I found on commercializing and talent.

Commercializing means to apply business methodology to something in order to profit. And a talent is an aptitude. An aptitude is component of competence to certain kind of work at certain level. An aptitude may be physical or mental.
Talents can be a physical or mental skill or ability. Physical skill could be any of the engineering skills (mechanically, electronically etc) or physical art (drawing, sculpture, painting, musical, cooking etc) physical talent involves a more practical method to the talent activity. On the other end mental talent involves a less handy methodology but a more ‘intellectual’ approach to exercising the talent. For example; writing, mathematics, singing, and a lot more. Some without need for saying are a combination of both physical and mental processes.

Talent could be a wide range of things of which some could be job vocations, however talents are by far not innate and natural ability. Talent are most times picks from environmental influences and from the dawn of historic lines were built gradually by and in individuals. This takes me to the major lesson of this part of the series:

Everyone is talented and has a potential to impact the world.

Here is what the legendary Mary Kay Ash said, “God didn’t have time to make a nobody; we all have the capacity for greatness”

So, never forget that you are gifted and talented. It may not look so or perhaps you don’t know what the talent is. But the good news is that you can find it. I’ll advise your refer back to the Creator and ask him to help you find it. Most assuredly, God wants you to discover it more than you do. Just ask and listen.
“So what if I have a talent? What difference does it make?” Ask people who have worked on theirs and are living it. See the fulfillment, the passion, the impact and the joy. As the psalmist say “teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”. We are here for a moment; we all are going to leave anyway; As a result its better we do what we love doing.

Before the journey dives any future, why don’t you sit and ask yourself what you would want to do? The first step to making anything or meaning to your passions is to first find it and work on it. People who have succeeded in becoming internationally recognized are talented in different spheres of influence; Business, Education, Entertainment, Government, Media, Family and Religion are no different from you, they are just individuals with perhaps more disadvantages and had more reason why they ‘will not’ succeed, but consciously decided to pursue their gifts. Beyond that they did some things and surely as night follows the day, reaching where they are is a natural consequence of cause and effect.

We too can reach there, If we know what they know and do what they did.

The second part of Commercializing Talent will soon follow. Soon. We will see some laws and principles that guides talent. Like earlier said, talents is beyond natural gifts, it is a seed of passion or ability you have. You are talented and you have greatness in you. Are you willing to take that decision to conquer your world?
The choice is yours to make!

To be continued…in Part 2

By__Manasseh Mshelia

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