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We took for granted that it was impossible, until in the year 1903 to imagine the possibility of a plane flying hundreds of feet above land. On December 17, 1903 Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright introduced the world to the first man-made flying machine called the airplane. Orville was 32 years of age with only 3 years high school education while Wilbur was 36 years of age with only  4 years high school education.

Orville and Wilbur are known for solving the problem of flight. Today they are known and celebrated for inventing, building and flying the first successful airplane. They are proof of the idea that it doesn’t take PhD or age to do the impossible, it only takes a singular belief in the idea that you have the capacity to lead and the power to do the impossible resides deep inside of you.

The word “impossible” does not exist in the language catalogue of leaders. Leaders thrive in impossibilities. Impossibilities make leaders and leadership necessary. To do the impossible you have to believe that you were born to lead and that leadership greatness resides inside of you. Those who defy the odds, break new records and forge new paths in their personal life, career and businesses are those who choose to believe that deep in the inside of them is the ability to birth new realities because inherently they believe that nothing is impossible to him that believes.

There is a leader in the inside of you crying for expression. There is a leader in the inside of you pregnant with possibilities. Age is not a barrier to doing the impossible. Your education is not a barrier to doing the impossible. Your ethnicity is not a limitation to doing the impossible. Your sex is not a limitation to doing the impossible.

Leadership is a way of thinking and a way of acting. Anything you call impossible becomes impossible. I’m wondering what is that thing, project or issue in your life that you have concluded it is impossible. Contrary to what your current reality might be saying you have the power to do the impossible. Look within and draw strength from your true identity and potential as a leader. Orville and Wilbur Wright provided a powerful leadership lesson on defying the odds and doing the impossible. Today flight is no longer viewed as an impossible feat because two brothers choose to look within and give expression to the leader within them by doing the impossible .

By Enoch Nalado
Founder The Leadership HUB

About the Author

Enoch Nalado is a leadership coach and business consultant. Enoch has certifications in leadership and business from Institute for National Transformation Lagos and Kaduna Business School. He is currently pursuing certifications in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Technology from the prestigious Federal university of technology Minna Niger state.

He is passionate about Africa and is in the business of helping people and organizations discover and apply themselves as leaders with clarity and confidence in life and in the marketplace.

He is the brain behind the brand The Leadership Hub ; Kaduna’s premier monthly leadership development platform, a highly valued Problem Solving Masterclass Host and  the CEO of House of Leaders.

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