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I used to have a constant fear that never seemed to let go of me. This fear was about the future. Well, sometimes the future seemed to be full of uncertainties, so I dwelt on the fear that the future is actually supposed to be something that happens by chance and luck to those who are actually doing great. This mindset made me developed an attitude of indifference towards everything as I was literally crippled by the fear that enveloped me day and night. Sometimes I like to believe people who worry less about the future probably depend on luck and chance.

     Fortunately for me I had a mindset shift, the truth was finally unveiled to me and that one truth is that the future we are often afraid of is now and today, the future may not necessarily be what we believe will happen in the next five or ten years from now but is actually today and now, it’s what we build every day, what we do every day, the choices we make every day and that means everything we do matters a lot. It’s the deed of today, tomorrow and next that sums up to be what we desire to see tomorrow. The daily choices we make is what sums up to be the future. We must not procrastinate, thinking the choices, decisions, discipline, handwork and sacrifices we require for the future is what waits till we get there. No. it’s actually what we build every day that births magnificent future.

   I believe if we can live today doing the things that matters, make God happy, contribute immensely to the lives of others and ours as well, doing things that are purpose driven and have an unwavering attitude of love, contentment, and confidence in God who always has our best interest at heart, then the future which we live in constant fear of will happen without us even noticing, We’ll just look back and see how far we have gone.



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