How to Connect with Great Men(2nd episode)

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My first post on this topic has received a lot of recommendations and comments from our readers both online and offline – for that I’m humbled.

I started the first post with an intention to point out reasons why any man who desires to connect with great men must prepare his internal environment. The mind must be sharpened, and self-knowledge which is a prerequisite for a healthy self-esteem must be applied.

The law of reversibility reflects in the background whatever the mind has conceived over time. Like the sweet smell of a perfume, a man can decorate his outward environment if his heart is spread with the right kind of thinking.

      Picture permission : Elisha Mamman international

I was born and I’m living in Nigeria, where people seem to be particularly careful and outrightly demand “respect” everyday. Sometimes young people seem to be confused on how they could show respect without overstepping boundaries, and at the same time without doing it in a very shallow way. Knowing how to carry one’s self in such a community could be a great asset- it has always been.

Respect is a universal language for access.

Those who fail to adopt the proper body language that depicts respect when they are with a great man are perceived to be too shy, incompetent, irresponsible, and sometimes full of themselves. You may come with a good intention while trying to connect with your mentor or ” your great man”, but believe me a wrong perception, especially on your first day of meeting could send you packing. Believe me what people perceive about you is you to them.


lets kick off today with some positive body language I’ve adopted while talking with great people. The way you use your face, body, and your voice could increase your likability.

1. Facial Expression: On my way to interview a man I considered to be honourable and great, I spent  3hrs on a supposed one hour journey on a very sunny day, because an accident occurred on that road. I almost missed my appointment. I became very sad like everyone else on the vehicle. This ruined my facial appearance, I tried faking a smile, but I couldn’t. Thanks to a very special friend’s call that evening, I totally got refreshed in my mind and my facial expression changed for the better. I knew I could have totally disconnected with my host.

That day, I had a very wonderful interview, because I was able to connect with my great man.

Smile. it suggests that you are happy to finally meet your great man. Be calm, and never feel tensed. However, be careful not to keep on smiling for a longer time if you know your great man is in anyway grieving.

Rejoice with those who are rejoicing only.

2. Voice: Great me. They can sense truth, lies, fear, and confidence.

I went for an interview when well of excellence was still  in the incubatory period. I totally could not speak loud and clear enough, I couldn’t even look at them with confidence. I answered the questions with so much timidity that made the interviewers concluded that I was not fit for the work, they were totally right.

Always learn to speak like you know exactly what you are talking about, because you do!

Previous episode be continued…


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