INTERVIEW feat. Saratu Inuwa (a deeper look into modeling)

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Many would admit how refreshing watching  the ladies walking gorgeously on the screen of their TV could be, ever felt like asking what could be driving these young ladies who call themselves Beauty queens or Models?
Modeling though an ancient practice has been associated with a sense of looseness and void show of one self as some have already concluded. Is this against religion and morals? Are there models who are ready to be modest? Your perception will be shaped to the right one  when you read this to the end. Sit back and enjoy!

WEx: Can we meet you?

My name is Saratu Inuwa, I am from Borno State. A student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria who enjoys swimming, reading, and cooking, my favourite colour is pink and my best food is Indomie(laughs)

WEx: What do you call yourself ?

Well, I will say I am a beauty queen not really a model because models are registered under modelling agencies and do contracts but I basically do only beauty pageants. Beauty queens are different from models but they both work hand in hand.

WEx: What is the difference between beauty queens and models? 

“Like I said earlier, models are registered under modelling agencies and their CEO’s look for contracts for them after which they share the pay according to their set agreement in percentages.
Models have to be recognised, that is why they get registered because contracts can only come through their CEO’s. Beauty queens on the other hand can work independently, this means that they register for a beauty contest or pagents as it is popularly called, then if luck shines on them and they eventually emerge as queens, they work with the organisation for just one year as beauty pageants are annually. During their reign, they cannot contest for another crown until they hand over the present one. In summary, models are a kind of permanent and work until they get married or exceed the specific age set by their organisation , but beauty queens work for a year and contest again making it temporary, but within the one year duration, they try their best to carry out projects in order to assist people and give their temporary organisation a name as they can also form partnership.

WEx: What is your motivation?

My motivation is God. It amazes me how people look at models and beauty queens and call them prostitutes. Well, I will say it’s because they know nothing about us so they only judge from their own perspective. I therefore want to be a part of this in order to change the perception of people, I mean let God be seen. We need more Godly people there so that the light of God can be seen. Aside that, I have always admired myself since I was a kid, honestly if I wasn’t me I will be jealous of whosoever is me. I love my height, my complexion, my size, my shape, my face, my smile, practically everything about me so I also want to have an opportunity to show my “perfect self” to the world.

WEx: How did modelling change you?

Well, I seriously can’t count, it had a great influence on me. I got to meet people that ordinarily I would have been unable to meet, ranging from former beauty queens, actresses, top politicians, senators, ministers etc. It brought fame to me as I enter some places and people are like wow, we know you. It made me a nicer person because I got to love people who are less privileged. I was actually nice before but being a beauty queen, we go to hospitals, orphanages, streets and see homeless people. I had to start loving people more because I now know that we are in the same world but practically in different worlds with some people.

WEx: Who is your mentor in modelling?

Mrs Stephanie Linus Okereke, yes the popular actress you know. She is an ex-beauty queen, one time most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2002, she is my mentor because she is the most decent of them all that I know so far. I have never seen her pictures with any private area exposed, she dresses in full and yes we need more of people like her. I believe in decency in modelling, invade the system and make a difference.

WEx: What is your hobby?

My hobbies are swimming, reading and cooking. I love to try fixing new food and see if it will taste great. I love to swim, I call myself a fish(laughs) and I also enjoy reading new things, novels, stories, books, following these can be gisting, chatting, travelling, making new friends, etc.

WEx: If you are to start all over again, what will you love to change?

If I am to start all over again, I will love to change nothing. My life has been so close to perfect, maybe 99.9999%

WEx: Have you ever been challenged, how did you manage it?

Yes I have, sexually I was threatened I stood still and aborted all the benefits and walked away, I can’t sell my body for money. I have been threatened but it’s only the word of God that stands me out and keeps me going. When they use a sword to hit you, use a double edged sword to backfire them.

WEx: What makes you unique from other models?

Decency, that is it. I can’t snap naked and sleep with CEOs to gain heights. I do not judge those who do so because I don’t know what pushed them into it, but I can say I am proud of myself despite the lowest atimes since nude modelling pays more in such an ungodly world.

WEx: What do you have for your fans and encouragement for aspiring models?

To my fans who believe in decency, I promise not to disappoint you but please keep praying for me, I wont pretend it’s easy. I need spiritual help more than physical assistance.
To aspiring models, please follow your dreams. Do not feel intimidated by the impression people have about modelling, do your best, invade the system and make a difference. And if you are the type who can go nude, I wish you all the best and I pray the benefit is worth it. I don’t judge them but at the same time I don’t encourage it.

Wex :Thank you for your time.

 Thank you Well of Excellence

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