Antidote to conformity

The antidote to conformity is transformation of the mind


Transformation of the mind is a process not an event. And we must be diligent enough to undergo this process of unsetting our African mentality that our cultures have made available for us. And begin to see beyond our environment, our limitations and disadvantage. So we can begin to see possibilities of a new Africa and believe in it potential to get to the desired future.

Africa’s transformation will be dependent on individual transformation. People make a nation and nation a continent. Our greatest assets is our mindset (believe system) and how well we can invest in our minds will tell of how far we will go as a people. African is just a geographical location; it is the quality of the people living on it that will reflect as African. It is the individual transformation that cumulates to territorial transformation.

Wealth is not what is beneath the earth but what is beneath the skull. African still boasts of abundant natural resources under the earth but we are still the poorest of the earth. That means our problem is not where we are but how we think. We lack the intellectual capacity to harness our natural resources under the earth.

In this age of transformation our greatest investment will be in our minds, changing how we think about ourselves and the continent. Our focus must shift from natural resources to human resources (people) and maximizing our brain potential for increase productivity.
Lets look at steps to personal transformation.

Being visionary

The journey of transformation always begin with a visionary man not necessarily a cooperate entity. Someone who sees the desired future and is uncomfortable with the present. “A man of vision is always lonely” Myles Munroe.

We can’t wait for the government to transform Africa; all we need is visionary Africans burning with the same passion to see a rebranded Africa. Vision is not what you see when you sleep but that which will not allow you to sleep. Vision has the capacity to change our thinking, and perceptive about our continent. And transformation starts with seeing it and then working towards bringing it into reality.

Reading and learning

There is an adage that says “if you want to hide anything for a black man, hide it in a book” why? Because he won’t read it. We must resolve to diligently study relevant materials as individuals in order to add values to ourselves.
Don’t trade knowledge for gold. Gold will finish but what you know stays with you for life. Knowledge is power, and he that has it, is destined to rule those that don’t have it. We must increase our appetite for knowledge. W.f kumuyi said “the brain of a non-learner will soon rust and developmental Cobwebs”.

Lets look at the impact of reading

1. It increases our competency
2. It reflects on the quality of our decision.

Reading increases our competence. You cannot stop learning and think you will sustain relevance and productivity. What you know shapes you skills. A wise quote says “if I have 100days to cut down a tree I will spend 99 days sharpening the axe”. Same with reading or learning. The more you learn or know the more you are sharpening yourself for effectiveness. We must invest in ourselves and not be in a hurry to just start anything anyhow. This has been the reason for many failed ventures, lack of competence. Competence is a result of long time personal development.

The quality of our decision is influence by how much we know. We do make costly mistakes out of ignorance, but sorry, ignorance is not an excuse. Life will not forgive your ignorance. Life will deal with you according to the quality of your choice and decision. Someone said “if education is expensive a price to pay, try ignorance”. I assure you, you will pay with your life. Ignorance is too expansive a price to pay. Seek for light (knowledge) in this dark world and that will be your bail out.

Don’t settle for only what school taught you, its too shallow a truth to settle for in life. Life decisions and choices are almost independent of any class room experience but dependent on practically acquire knowledge of life. If Africa must move forward, we must go beyond class room experience and begin to create our own experience.

We cannot also allow only our culture and tradition to shape our right to choose. For Africa to be transformed, our decision as a people must go beyond culture and fetish beliefs and seek for truth to make concrete decisions.

Character and attitude

These are basic and important ingredients for building a brand new Africa. Our attitude must change about our continent, our works and duties as individuals, if not we won’t get a different result from that we have. Our competence may market us but without character we soon fade away. It is not enough to be competent and lack character and also not enough to have character and lack competence. Competence and character are powerful tools we need to transform our continent.

Finally, lets talk about Africas phases of development through time.
First phase: is the phase of struggles of our founding fathers. What made these people unique is their singleness of purpose to liberate African.
Second phase: Is the phase of discovery of African hidden resources. This was where the continent began to divide based on natural resources.

Third phase: Is the phase of dictatorship and tyranny by our so call leaders. Who control the resources and decide on the kind of life we are to live.
Last phase: Is the phase of the transformers. You and I are privilege to be part of these generation that will transform African.

In conclusion Africa is rising with new possibilities and hope of a better future. But until you and I begin to think differently and act differently and also begin to invest in our minds and undoing our African mentality. And in like manner begin to take responsibility for a better future, we will not move anywhere.


Joshua Johaida James