Each time I look at him, I feel dejected
He took the tremendous thing I had as a girl
It was my beauty as a lady
My strongest weapon as a woman
And it would have been my pride as a wife
It is whelming as I watched it destroyed, with nothing to say or do,
Helpless and desolate I felt with one to lean on.
I thought to let it continue until it became a habit,
I thought to forcefully stop it but I lacked the courage to do so,
Then came a voice in my thoughts, whispering; ‘Beulah’
Beulah who are you?
Beulah, you are mine!
That voice brought me hope and strength to fight the fear,
I thought I was beyond repair, but that voice brought me victory and restoration
The voice redeemed me and I am free to bear the name ‘Beulah’

Jennifer Philip is an applicant of the University of Maiduguri. Her passion for reading has lead her to write a lot of poems. She is filled with the zeal in using words to describe situations