“The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat”, “I felt completely safe and secured around you “, “you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t live without you”. These words may describe how many people felt when they first ” fell in love “, but to many, these are only understatements. Some believe you can’t actually describe the beautiful feelings of love. It’s just from above. Though Someone with a  strong infatuation might claim to have experienced even more than these, however, I can assure you that if you have never felt this way before you are not in love- not yet anyway.

Thinking about him (or her), wishing to please him (or her), trying to make good impression in your appearance and conduct, you just want to be with him (or her), you just develop an implicit faith in him (or her),  you just want to make her happy, you enjoy giving her (or him) gifts,  when you imagine the future she is right there with you and it feels more than just perfect. When you just want him to be the father of your kids.

It’s amazing that once you are in love your friends can tell, your parents just notice. Love is not just feelings. It happens only when there is a strong and sincere decision to stay committed no matter what. Love is a choice. For you can choose to even love your enemies and pray for those who despise you.

The feeling part of love is as essential as the decision part because God created those feelings so that even in the earthly context we will remember that love is truly the greatest.

The season is the that of love, a pure unadulterated love. “for God so loved the world ” the earth cannot understand the depth of such love. Giving one and only son to save many who are not only sinners but who are hopeless and without beauty in any way.  Love must be returned and nourished from both parties. Do you feel you need to work on your love just to enjoy the full benefits and package that comes with it?  Earthly love could be full of lies and deception. But if love can promise peace, patience, and understanding alongside many other things why would you not venture out to enjoy this love that has never failed before. Why would you not open your heart like a child and grab the full measure of the Fathers Love?

If you love Him obey His command, listen to Him, think about Him always. Take away your fear of tomorrow- for his love cast out all fears.  He is love.  When he loves he derives pleasure from it because it is in his nature to love.  Cast all your cares and worries on Him for He cares for you so deeply and affectionately. He gave his life for you, what more proof do you need? Love can be rejected, but be careful whose love you reject. Love can be taken for granted, but be careful whose love you take lightly. When you explored His love, you surely know that true love is the greatest. Tell others of His love. The perfect gift is that of Love.

Misal Musa.