Let the leaders emerge

Leadership they say, is not about titles or positions. Its one life influencing another. Therefore, if your action is creating a legacy that is inspiring others to dream more, believe more, hope more and become more then you are already a leader.


It is also true that good leadership is the secret for a productive society, for this reasons we need true leaders to emerge.
We need leaders from which ever political platform. Men who will see their followers first as humans, then as Nigerians-beyond the borders of religion, region, ethnicity, gender inequality, colour of skin, tongue and race.

We need leaders that will speak the truth, not minding whose ox was gored. Men who will administer justice beyond sentiments, those who will inspire people with speech of love not hatred. Those who will appropriate fair governance without recourse to percentage of political contributions of voters at election.
We need leaders that will not mock the Northerners on their multiple child birth and culture, and will not spite and stereotype the Southerners as robbers, ‘yahoo yahoo boys’ or ritualists based on the criminal acts of microscopic few ‘bad eggs’ in those regions.

We need leaders with sincerity of purpose, and with a heart for national integration. Leaders whose hearts beat for a gloriously developed Nigeria. Men with developmental strategies that can harness our natural resources beyond oil.
We need leaders that can see the riches of our human resources beyond oil deposits. Leaders that will industrially develop Aba to a first class world trade zone in manufacturing. leaders that will develop Ajaokuta to a world class iron and steel manufacturing city.

Leaders that will enhance agriculture-restoring the groundnut pyramid, boost the cocoa, cotton, rubber and create a world market for ginger and more agricultural product to a world enterprise until we become an  international export zone.
We also need leaders that will see peace as a need and priority. Men who will never sleep with their eyes closed if the people are in danger of whatsoever kind.

We need leaders that can plant the seed of peace, unity, harmony and love for one another, not just because we are Nigerians but because life is supposed to be lived in peace and cohesion.
Beyond that, we need leaders with genuine fear of God, integrity, competence and love!
We have such leaders among us.
Such leaders are not too far from us.
Such leaders are existing already
Such leaders are the leaders of today not tomorrow. They deceived us saying we are the leaders of tomorrow -that tomorrow is today!

We have blessed brains and fantastic beings-So Let the leaders EMERGE.

To emerge means to become visible after being concealed or to bring to light that which has been in darkness. The Leaders must be very intentional about this. we must emerge and make all the difference.

By Nathan Tosal

About the writer 

Tosal is a young politician who spearheaded a lot of political movements. He is of the opinion that good governance is the key for a productive society.

Facebook: Nathan Tosal