Mastering the art of starting

31st December, you remember? Of course, you should. Everyone remembers their resolutions. In your case, you never wanted to make any ‘resolution’, going by the number of times you failed to abide by any of such declarations. It’s beginning to look like a wild joke to write things on a piece of paper and expect magic to happen. It’s not the writing; it’s not the confession; your problem is the application.

The most disheartening thing is that you are not getting younger, and the last wedding you attended was a gentle reminder tapping your shoulder. In an attempt to lend your attention to the touch from your soul, your gaze fell on “someone like you”. It was easier to ignore your soul, and you started comparing because you found relieve, thinking you were still better than “someone”.

That unhealthy comparison deviated you from liberating your soul that seeks expression optimally.

You managed to smile all through, but you were hurting inside. As a result, you hated Saturdays. Things would have been easier if you knew how to redeem the time and catch up with the ever emerging world, but the pain of setting a failed goal even before you start is what you detest.

It felt better to know you weren’t expecting anything.

If the above words described you just calm down. Breathe in and out. You are not alone. Let’s be realistic for once. We all are looking for a solution on how to balance one area or the other. Thankfully, that’s why I’m here.

With your permission, today, we will do something better together.

Another comforting truth is everyone has set some goals that he or she has successfully hit. Yes, everyone! Remember setting a goal that you wanted to eat pounded yam and egusi soup? Did you hit it right? Yes, you did! And you felt the satisfaction of not just eating but hitting the desired goal. As you sipped the cold water after the meal, it was the most relaxing experience. I will tell why you were able to hit that goal, and with the same principle, we will hit this year’s goal together. Remember, time is running out, but if you get in line, you will catch up eventually.

Check this:

Do you want to start saving money and cut unnecessary spending?

You want to love your spouse or children in a better way?

Do you need to engage in weight loss activities?

You need to read more books and opt-in for personal development class?

Let me help you. (Reading this, you are already helping me) Together we can achieve anything.

Follow these steps in order, you will thank me later.

  1. Set your goals

“Success is goals, the rest is commentary.” – Brian Tracy.

Simply put, any success you achieve without planning for it will destroy you and you shouldn’t call that success. It may be just a real accident. Goals are simply the results you want to see; the targets you set to hit; the outcome you desire. The idea of the future you want.

  1. Make it very clear and realistic

 It’s very strange that people want to achieve things, but if you ask them what, they are not really clear as to what they want. It’s like riding on a donkey and expecting it to choose a destination for you. Isn’t that ridiculous?

For example, I want to lose weight is not a goal!

A goal should be: I jog every morning by 5:00 am and I eat only vegetables for the next month.

This looks very clear and feasible. Notice the tense I used, “I jog…” Not“I will jog”.

 “I eat only vegetables” set it in present continuous.

This is a trick to “deceive” your subconscious mind to believe you are already doing it, and that you will continue doing it. (That was why you hit that pounded yam goal, you didn’t just say you wanted to eat, but you wanted to eat pounded yam and egusi soup for lunch. That’s clear enough.) Notice also, that a goal must have a time frame. That’s equally very Paramount. The easiest way to get clarity on your goal is to break it down into small daily habits (steps) that when compounded will take you to your desired destination (losing weight). Set something feasible but challenging. This you must do religiously. My Mentor, Elisha Mamman, once told me in an exclusive interview that my life is my responsibility. In his words “Misal, your life is your responsibility. Don’t delegate it to anyone.”

I will still repeat in italics for your benefit:your life is your responsibility!

When you set your daily goal you must take responsibility for it. Don’t come up with alibis to support your inability to sustain your passion.

I read two chapters of Elisha Mamman’s The Business of Life every day for the next month (state the date)


It’s a better and clearer goal for anyone who wants to start reading books.

  1. Track/ record/document your daily achievement

 This is where many people fail. You must record your daily routine in a calendar or a sheet of paper and mark your daily success and shortcomings.  The publisher of SUCCESS magazine, Darren Hardy, emphasizes that very well. Since success is as a result of your accumulated discipline and consistency over time, nobody makes it in just a day or weeks or even a few months. Let’s be realistic. Success takes time.

Another way to track your success is to have a mentor or honest friend who will help you track your daily achievement. The person will be your accountability partner. I had fun, and I’m still having fun doing it. Try it too.

  1. Now the real act

Now, get up right away and start doing something.

Right now?

Yes, please. Right now. Start writing something, start planning something. You’ve discussed enough that project of yours. The first step is usually the hardest. The first step requires a lot of courage as my financial mentor, Olufukeji Ejimi will say: be courageous! Starting may not, and will definitely not project you into sudden success. Nobody will know you are working. Starting is just “starting”- not an achievement. But to achieve you must start. Usually, people fail to sustain their tenacity and passion because it doesn’t feel great to appear to be working in obscurity, but trust me; everyone had to start exactly that way. The term “sudden” success is not sudden at all, anyone who suggests any gets the rich quick scheme to you is a big fat liar carrying a very fat Piggy lie. Just do it as Nike is fond of saying. But keep doing it. Start now, start small.


5. Help a friend

The simplest way to get something is to try to help someone. Maybe our greatest weakness is our inability to inconvenience ourselves for the benefit of another man. Scarcely do we share to uphold a friend. we are instead more inclined to send uninvited self-devaluing messages and heartbreaking news.  The media filter of our mind has become so porous. We must stop this!

Now, if you enjoyed what you just read before you read for the second time kindly share with someone. The Arabs believe the gift of words is the most expensive. Go ahead, encourage a friend. Give someone something expensive, it’s possible you are holding the solution to someone’s dilemma.


Your friend,


About the author.

Misal Musa is a writer, communicator and connector. As a publisher and CEO of Well of Excellence Global, he interviewed a number of successful men. The author ofHow to Connect with Great Men(a life series). He has been into the personal development and training writers to become efficient. Misal also had training in Leadership and Goal setting Masterclass at Elisha Mamman International and Bigshot Consulting.

DM 2019-06-20 06:01:41

Wow, this is really great.

DM 2019-06-20 06:01:41

Wow, this is really great.

Muhammad Abdullahi 2019-07-08 03:30:13

Very nice and comprehensive, thanks

Muhammad Abdullahi 2019-07-08 03:30:13

Very nice and comprehensive, thanks

Muhammad Abdullahi 2019-07-08 03:30:13

Very nice and comprehensive, thanks