Not a slave

I use to be particularly intrigued by the stories of slavery. Maybe because I was trying to figure out why humans displayed such an evil desire to dominate, forcefully rule and a desire to exercise a wild wickedness and gross insensitivity. Man in those days chose to go against nature to satisfy what I call “the dark part” of himself. I kept wondering who was at fault from the unset. I mulled over those scenarios until when I felt I should dismiss the whole issue from my mind. After all, whether it was white mans fault or the black mans folly,it matters little now. Such an aggressive treatment by humans towards humans was not what I should concentrate my mind on- it was absurd to keep wasting my time.
Just of recent the thought came back again, and this time it just can’t go away… Is this spirit still in man? Is the rebellious urge to give away a loved one for a tone of sugar or salt as a result of the person being black?The inhumane passion to willingly let go of a daughter for a plain Mirrow, was it fear or was it stupidity?
The “Masters” are now gone and I believe it will be impossible for them to physically return. But it is a fact that they have succeeded in devaluing the strength of our dignity and wholeness. Many are still in bondage. The spirit was transferred from our ancestors. Who before the coming of the “masters” were great warriors, brave hunters and committed farmers. They were lovers of their gods whom they held in high regard. Who though without religion still had good morals.
The most prominent crisis we still are facing after the departure of the white men is that of IDENTITY. We lost our real name, we could not connect with our true selves any longer.
The day a man let go of who he truly is, that day he has lost his spirit, that day he has lost his shield. We forgot our NAME is our SPIRIT- our God given heritage.
It is amazing to discover that even in those days, men of old knew that you cannot buy a slave, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM ONE. No wonder the first thing the slave masters does is to change the Now, what do you call yourself? Do you accept any name circumstances around label on you? Would you stand and refuse any other name apart from your God -given name? Would go against the norm?
Your dreams and vision must be done with a free mentality, because you are not a slave. Strike the right cords. Be different, say NO sometimes.
Always remember who you are and connect back. You are not a slave. Take away all the mental barriers in your mind. BE YOU!
© Well of Excellence.