O Soldier!

Your careless bullet has gathered people in mourning…
You didn’t sign up for this that faithful morning…
You’ve devastated a life under construction without warning.
O soldier! What happened? What happened to the rule of horning?

O soldier!
You maybe anonymous to us,
You lost your brake like a bus,
You ran him through as a boss
And left him behind a corpse!

The bullet was for a foe but you pulled the trigger at a friend.
You betrayed the civil right, and I wonder when this will end.
You may think he will descend,
But this guy will only ascend…

To the many souls you gunned down,
In all the cities, villages and this town;
Even if twere with laughter or a frown
I tell you_ you’re still wearing their gown.

To all the soldiers doing same,
You won’t escape without a shame!
And this won’t bring you to any fame!
If you persist, you’d go down in flame!

And to you…to you O Brother!
Rest on in the world yonder,
It’s beauty you shall continue to ponder,
All around heavens is just but wonder!

To all the souls affected,
You all weren’t rejected,
But in heavens you’re expected,
To be forever protected!

We miss you all a big deal,
Our many tears will not heal,
But we’d always be on the kneel,
As we look…as we gaze the uphill.

Expect us in heavens someday too
Maybe via different media or same as you,
We may come one by one and sometimes few,
But be sure together we shall enjoy heavens solemn dew!

Love you all…
The pilgrims in progress…

.By kimto Emmanuel Oche