Practise: A way to formidable character

Have you noticed that there are many things we intend to do later on in life either as young or old people? We nurse certain things such as principles, ideas or philosophy with the mindset to practice them when we get married or some other time in the future. Interestingly, we actually know such things are good if we put them into practice, but at the moment we are not really ready to do them perhaps because we feel we are not ready or because we feel these things are so simple that we can achieve them by just mere thought of them in our minds. Examples of some of these things, includes: working on some things in our lives like early planning of events, managing time, saving resources or money etc. often at times, we procrastinate which will not help us.

The truth is these are things we consider small, things that ought to put us ahead In life, things that are supposed to make us conform more to the kind of people we ought to be but we negligently allow these things (like late coming, no respect to time, lack of planning on time, procrastination) become part of us knowingly or not. The Truth is To be a good man does not happen by chance, you must be conscious of the act of goodness and practice it deliberatelyā€¯ what this quote simply means is that whatever you want to see in your life must be nurtured or cultivated consciously and deliberately work on yourself to achieve that. Success can be gotten by accident but greatness is a product consistency and hard work. You must practice from now that thing you want to see in the future because the practice itself is a habitual projection into the future of what you want to see as part of your character.

Conclusively, to be a good man, to be a good wife and mother, anything good practice in conduct cannot be overemphasized. We need to develop ourselves into the person we want to see.
A man first becomes what the environment teaches him but he dies as what he taught himself.

Ayuba Michael
Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria.