The Gift of a Man

-A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men- King Solomon

“only people who make inquiry make discoveries”- BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO. I realised the more i mulled over and pondered over the above statement, the more excited i became.
It is important to note that the above statement came from one of the greatest custodian of wisdom in history. therefore an inferior mind cannot decipher totally the meaning of those words unless it be reveal to him or her. i strongly recommend this page( WELL OF EXCELLENCE) to the younger generation, who are still trying to figure out their gift and talents- but not withstanding, i also humbly encourage the older ones to read on.
in order to discover the things only you can uniquely accomplish-the gifts that only you can possibly express in a style only u can do, it is important to pay attention to highlighted words- MAKES and BRING, The verb MAKE means your gift has an ability to create, to form, to build,transform you from what you are to what you hope of becoming. while BRING means it has the capacity to propel you or transport you from where you are to where you hope to be. it attracts you like magnet without your consent: you are not the one “making the room” or “bringing or taking yourself to great men” it is your GIFT.
This should excite you brother, this should calm your nerves sister. you might not know how to sing, but your love for literature can be your greatest asset. you might not like Maths or arithmetic but your love for politics or engines of automobile can be your greatest gold. your GIFT attracts the world to you, not you to the world. you dont have to dress like the other man- you are who you are! you dont need to cheat: just develop your area of strength to a certain capacity and someone will recommend you overnight, someone will pay you to remain who you are.
The force will attract your gift and the “carrier” of the gift to a place where more of that expression is required-that place is called DESTINY: a realm where no competition exist. where only you exist. NO intimidation.
Get the full insight in this proverb and you will jump into a place of your devine destiny : you will give everything you have just to be in your own “room”.
If you try relating this word” room” with a picture of your dormitories or houses, it’s possible you might weaken the strength of what you should be imagining. Now, try going beyond your room and imagine yourself in the room of the writer of this text-the richest Man of his time and probably even in our own time. Imagine the peace and serenity, the comfort, the golden cups and diamonds, the songs of praise offered continuously to a Man. Imagine a “room” where you can close your eyes and be you.
Now this is the kind of room we are talking about: the kind of room your gift opens up to you. though this word “room” can be a figure of speech. It explains why no man should play with his “room”…be deliberate about entering your “room” by seeking out from within you, those gift you are trying to forget,those talent you keep supressing because you don’t want people to talk. Be intentional about entering into your “room”. It may take you years to discover them, but don’t give up on your dream. Whether you are 15 or 51 years it is not too early, it can never be too late. believe me it will be worth it, you will be glad you pursued. if you enter your own”room”. You will be surprise some stress you are passing through which precipitated many diseases like cancer,diabetes, hypertension might just be because you are not in your “room”.
Pay the price to enter your own room today!!!

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