Never has it been heard that an orange tree brought forth mango fruits because of the owner of the land on which it grows preferred mangoes. Or, have you seen where a cat gave birth to a dog because its owner said he or she wanted a dog? If one decides to use a pencil to write because he or she does not have a Biro, does the lead in the pencil turns to an ink? These things than make me wonder; why do we then as humans try to change. Unlike the plants, animals and non-living things that know the reason they are created and produce results accordingly, we as individuals try to be what we are not, treading paths meant for others all in bid to be like them. As a result, we mar our future and cause our God-given talent to shrink because we didn’t nurture it. How then do we know that we are better than the beast of the earth, the plants, and sea creatures? By leaving our footprint on the rest of the world which can only be done by being us and using the unique ability to do what only we can do. Walking in our own shoes and making our own footprints.