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Self-control! Self-control! Self-control!! We hear this word often, and we use it very much. But then most at times we don’t know the benefits of having self-control.

If you’ve missed part I of this, don’t worry, a recap will give you a glimpse of what self-control is.

Self-control is the ability of an individual to have influence and authority over his behaviors.

In all aspects of life one needs self-control, but how can one have control over himself/herself if he/she doesn’t know the benefits of self-control. Self-control can enhance your decision making capacity. Self-control can help you improve positively on your temperament. Self-control plays a major role in your emotional happiness. Self-control can help stabilize and solve trust issues in a relationship or marriage.

Today, we will focus on five benefits of self-control, basically I will say they are the main benefits.

First of all, self-control gives us room to be able to make our own decisions and stick to them, in other words self-control increase our decision making ability. Yes one can make decisions even without self-control, but maybe not be able to stick to them, most people on diet will bear me witness, as it’s one thing to decide to stop eating all artificial sweeteners and it’s another to actually stop, without self-control we will make decisions and not stick to them.

So after we make decisions and stick to them, what comes after? Success, I’m sure we all love to be successful. But without self-control our margin of success will be narrowed. Success requires commitment, putting extra effort, and all these require self-control. If we check around us, there are lot of brilliant and talented people but aren’t succeeding in what they do, a closer look into their lives will show us that they lack self-control e.g. in the way they spend, time management.

Let’s talk about the fact that self-control help us to be focused. We all need focus in our daily life and at one point or the other we allow other stuffs to distract us, s Most a time during lectures, seminars, workshops and the like, people tend to be bored and loss focus. Listen friends they do not loss focus because they don’t know why they are there but they loss focus because they have little or no control over themselves, so they allow their brains to travel and they end up not achieving what they went there for.

Self-control also give one the opportunity to agree with their past decisions, this is to say it doesn’t allow you to be in situations where you have to choose between two contradicting stuffs, such as wanting to watch movies when you know you should be studying for exams, self-control will not allow you to even think of the movies because you will be so focused on your goals that other conflicting issues will not be considered as an option. Also, people with self-control tend to avoid situations which they have to choose between two conflicting issues.

Lastly, let’s not forget that self-control isn’t only required if you want to succeed but also in control of habits or behaviors that are wrong. Self-control help one to overcome bad habits such as drinking, smoking, lying, stealing, laziness and lack of seriousness. When one has control over himself, it allows him to make decisions of stopping bad habits and actually stops them.

Self-control requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment, but it’s doesn’t mean that Self-control is denying yourself pleasures,  all self-control help you do is working towards a higher ideal and sacrificing some things in the now to achieve long-term goals in the future.

Self-control is one of the best skills everyone needs in this life, in order to experience a better now and an expected future. And no one can do this for you, as Pietro Aretino once said “I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself”



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