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For the past 2000 years,

The human race have experienced a shift of fate-

One which for the first time offers hope.

Finally, Justice has been tempered with Mercy.

Fat rams and burnt offerings was the norm.

Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac was only but a shadow.

Until when God –Himself-became the Lamb.

Pure, holy and faultless.

What man couldn’t do for himself, God did.

Thus, the first Christmas.

The father, through this act wasn’t just exemplary in love,

But was sure to carve in the New Commandment with a permanent calligraphy

On the tables of our hearts.

He with perfect fidelity has impressed this command to every generation.

For the joy of that moment has flourished through the mortal hearts,

Cleansing every son of Adam who come for a bath- with ultimate assurance of salvation.

Hitherto, I have seen a more significant birthday.

More than a day in December we should do more to remember.

It’s a time Abraham and other prophets would have loved to see.

It’s a time where smile has found a place after years of searching.

If only I had known better, I would have done better.

What kind of love could that be? Giving out His beloved to save Adam’s

The message


Just when the heaven was out of reach, He brought it down to us.

Just when salvation was not for sale, He bought the whole of it-paying with his life

Just when death was sure, life came to save.

When all was dark, light found its way.

When hate abounds, love conquers

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son to save those who believe.


By David Yila Lakabra.

About the writer

Yila is a writer and poet from Gombe state, Nigeria. He is a student of Biochemistry in ABU zaria.

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