To Love (From a bledding heart)

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To Love
(From a Bleeding Heart)

It is anguish
To love from a bleeding heart
That of a troubled soul

I feel you closer from a distance
But while I draw closer
I feel you farther

From my heart I send messengers
Loaded with jars of love
They go pass my gate
But just there at yours
They are thrown back
Like blazing balls of fire
They descend as though from the sky
Falling heavily on my heart

It makes me bleed
I cry
And my heart, no respite knows
Still I thrive
To love from my bleeding heart.

Ayua Jude Ternad
I am a Writer, Poet, Fine Artist and Entrepreneur. I am a final year law student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. My writings are inspired by real life situations, personal experiences and those of people around me. I have the passion for making friends, solving problems and touching lives.

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