Why they Smell the Way they Do?

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When you step into any conventional hospital or drug store, it is almost impossible to deny the sudden change in the composition of the air around you. Your smell organ soon realises that the whole place is filled with a different kind of substance.

Apart from the odour oozing from the spilled blood, sweat, dirt, feaces etc, the most common and prominent odour is that of drugs.

A drug is any substance with a known chemical structure which are administered or recommended to alleviate or cure illness and diseases.

I would like to approach this from a modern pharmaceutical point of view, therefore, drugs must be marketed or given as a safe therapeutically active formulation.

You should be able to predict the action of a drug. Anything that falls in line with the above description can be refer to as a drug, crude or unprocessed materials inclusive.

The odour is perceived in processed forms but even worst in herbal or crude ones- the leaves and roots. Those ones have not undergone any moderation; coating , flavoring and other added procedures for a more palatable and easy usage.

One would wonder why with the rapid growth in research and technology, the pharmaceutical industries have not successfully curb this issue of bad smell in some products, especially those taking by mouth(orally).

I know some people tend to be too sensitive to smell, meaning they have an elevated or amplified smell sensitivity. Others may as well perceive what is not present completely, some however can smell one thing and interpret it as another ( example, a perception of a smell of urine while smelling kerosine). We will address this issue with time.

Apart from those with smelling defects, people with normal functioning nostrils have been reported to suffer from vomiting ( not as a side effects) of drugs immediately after taking it or even before the drug is swallowed. Other people have deliberately refuse to take their medication as prescribed because “it smells bad” , others have in turn abused the nicely smelling ones.

This series is therefore a very critical one. We hope to discuss this till we are able to discover a very good way of reducing or eliminating this problem. We believe after this, the relevant authorities will not boycott this subject as they have been doing for years.
Follow us in our subsequent issue for wonderful insight concerning this.
How do you smell?
What do you smell?
Why is it good to have a pleasant odour in drugs?
What’s the difference between a crude drug smell and a processed one?
Can drug smell be a side effect of drug?
Why do some drugs causes body odour, bad smelling urine and terrible mouth odour?
Examples of serious fatal cases from smells of drugs ( Allergy).

Its your body. you deserve to know these and much more. In a simple lay man language.

By Misal Musa

Your questions shall be referred to good authorities and answered here in the comment box below.

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