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In a speech on feminism given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, she told some stories from her personal experience, this particular one caught my mind because of the sad reality it dawned on me. In her words:  “I was tipping a valet who had just returned my car from the mechanics, after that I gave him money in return for his service. In my amazement instead of the boy appreciating me, he looked at the male friend of mine who was sitting beside me in the passenger’s seat and said to him ‘Thank you sir’ and took his leave.” If I were in her shoes, I think I’d be like: “Are you serious?”, “Are you for real?” I’d be shocked and surprised.

If you are reading this, many thoughts and feelings may be going through your mind. Perhaps amusement, anger, bitterness or despair. ( by the way, the boy’s act might not have been purely intentional but rather an innocent mistake. It may be that he grew up with this view of things. However, that’s not an excuse to justify his act). This is what the female folk face every day, even worst and extreme situations sometimes. Some take it and some don’t; the latter group sadly does not take the right mentality and steps to ‘fight’ this. Others join movements and even dedicate their lives to erroneous belief which I wish to enlighten you about as I believe most of my readers, are people from the field of Law who feel they are in the right position, to champion this kind of move better because of their level of enlightenment and qualification. They are therefore more prone to join this move and later end up in the devil’s snare. This movement strangely is referred to as ‘Feminism’.

The term ‘feminism’, usually refers to historically recent European and American social movement founded to struggle for female equality. Feminism by this designation has become a global political project. The feminist movement in the broader sense started subtly and unconsciously in Nigeria in 1929 during the Aba women’s riot. I would briefly look into some pioneering feminist movement groups and what their views are. For it is upon a foundation a building is built.

There has never been a time in history when the warnings against the dangers of occultism were more necessary than in the present. Multitude of people, Christians and non-Christians alike, find themselves suffering physical, mental, psyche and spiritual oppression, few realizing that it is because they have allowed themselves to become ensnared in the diabolical web of occultism, which is under the influence and control of the powers of darkness.

Unlike the Women’s Suffrage Movement which gave them(women) right to vote (19th Amendment) in America, or the women right groups of the centuries before, the Women’s liberation Movement is more revolutionary than reformist in its aims. The women’s right groups sought such economic rights as equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, and other privileges which they termed “basic human rights,” whereas the main thrust of the Women’s Liberation groups is social and political rather than merely economic.

Numerous groups of militant women make up the present-day movement. The major feminist group in the US was N.O.W (National Organisation for Women) founded in 1966 by ardent feminist Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique. The movement gained national recognition by crusading against sex-segregated “Help Wanted” ads in the newspapers. It is reported that the membership consist of college educated and career women, or those who are disgruntled, frustrated, and dissatisfied with sex, marriage and family life. However at that time, the movement had little support from the ordinary housewife and ‘colored women’.

Another revolutionary group designates itself as W.I.T.C.H (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell). The group contends that witches were the first guerrilla fighters against women’s oppression by males. In witches’ robes they shriek their protests and utter incantations against male chauvinism and female exploitation. In 1968 they interrupted the Miss America contest at Atlantic City, N.J., in protest of female exploitation.

The FLM (Female Liberation Movement) is one of the most militant of the feminist groups. The group stresses as its goals abortion, birth control, and public child-care centers, while its members indicate contempt for things such as marriage, family, religion, and beauty aids (make-up), and feminine dress, all of which is said to be symbols of male-dominated society and female oppression.

The ‘Redstockings’ who oppose male dominance; The Feminists who reject marriage; SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) are perhaps the most radical. These groups advocate a female take-over of the society, contending that the male is merely a biological accident, and an incomplete female.

Just to mention a few, the revolutionary and unscriptural Women’s Liberation Movement is part of the widespread end-time rebellion against divinely ordained authority, and is condemned by the Word of God (1Cor11:1; Rom13:1-7; 2Tim3:1-5; Titus3:1-2, Eph5:22-23; 1Pet2:11-17;3:1-7).

The major tenets of the various groups which comprise the WLM as compiled by Dr. Hobart .E. Freeman in his book Every Wind of Doctrine, these are just few of many others, and these are objective evaluation not to suit the purpose of this write-up:

  1. Women are oppressed as a class because the whole world social and economic system is made up and dominated by males.
  2. Women should unite as a “sisterhood” and overthrow the present male sexist order.
  3. Social inequalities should be reformed by abolishing marriage and the family, as well as the subservient male-female relationship.
  4. Women should be given a public, political, and an economic identity separate from their husbands (or men).
  5. Women should no longer be discriminated against by overemphasizing differences between the male and female. (Quite ironical)
  6. Women should be allowed to have their own sex privileges, taking the initiative with males desired, or by sexually satisfying themselves in their own ways (including lesbianism or free-love) and to abort a pregnancy if she so desires.
  7. In marriage women should be allowed to keep their own-names, she should be designated as “Miss” (not “Mrs.”), which will be the female equivalent of the martially ambiguous “Mr.”
  8. Marriage should be an equal sharing of all the responsibilities and the privileges.
  9. Efforts should be made to find a contraceptive “pill” for men! Or they should be willing to submit to a vasectomy operation as a means of birth control.

The anti-Christian attitude of the movement is also seen in its contention that the Bible discriminates against women in its so-called “mythical” teaching regarding such things as the woman’s creation from Adam’s rib and her subjection to man throughout the scriptures. Her inequality is especially stressed; it is said, in the Apostle Paul’s negative attitude toward women and sex.

Some may say, “Well… I agree with some of these views though some ain’t good, at least some of this views are looking after the interest of the female folks”, but good liars know that the best lies are the ones half-truth, and I tell you the devil ain’t novice either in the art of lying, he is the father of all liars, grand master in the art of deception. The major tenets of this move are to achieve the agenda of hell, it currently has achieved some. Who do you think are behind the major push for Abortion? Yeah, giving them right to say NO when they’ve already said YES. And its major attack is on the family, the foundation of the society.

There is an evil spirit abroad in the world today in which nobody wants to be under anybody else. This satanic spirit has taken over our society. Yet Jesus himself gave us our model of authority and submission when He submitted to His Father. Phil 2:6-8, despite the fact that they were one and equal. Everyone needs to be under submission, it is an order that cannot be waived. As a man you are exercising illegal authority if you are demanding submission without being submitted. Submission brings God’s protective covering and blessing on you. Covering is key to God’s resources. Submission to God first and God instituted authority. The instituted authority over the woman is her husband not necessary any man.

Submission in the biblical view in the relationship of marriage is not dishonorable, but an indication of faithful obedience to Christ. Hence, the fact of oneness of the status of believers in Christ is not to be used as an escape from one’s divinely ordained role of man or woman. Neither does it imply freedom from God’s order in the family, church, or social relationship between the sexes; for the bible refer to the God-ordained responsibilities of the ‘male and female’ and ‘husband and wife’ after Calvary precisely as the scriptures did before. Africa itself has her own peculiar beliefs, norms and traditions which are entirely different from western culture. These Christian and African values cannot be adulterated by westernization; radical feminism permitted and supported may spell societal and individualistic disintegration.

Women are peculiar, unique and excellent in their own way, but to measure yourself to the peculiarity and uniqueness of men is the most gross insult on your being as a woman. What majorly leads to this is mostly inferiority complex and egoism.

Myles Munroe mention in his book ‘the purpose and power of the WOMAN’ that ‘the fundamental question, from which all other questions can be addressed, is not so much what a woman does as who she is, and the implication of who she is, then the role that she takes on in life-whether she is a homemaker, business woman, or a prime-minister will be seen in an entirely new light, and the conflicts between women and men over the status of a women can begin to be resolved.’

The temptation for women who are being devalued by men in a specific instance or through societal discrimination is to want to dismiss men altogether or treat them in an adversarial way. Yet to do this would be to disregard the inherent makeup of women and men and how they are meant to function together. The end result of such an approach would be damaging to a woman’s potential and advancement, and real progress would be accomplished.


Adichie had this to say, “Masculinity becomes this hard, cold cage and we put boys inside of that.” In other words, men are cheated just like their female counterparts. They aren’t afforded an ounce of fluidity either, and they are harshly and wrongly measured against the concept of the ideal man; powerful (not strong), assertive, appealing, sexual, rational, ruthless, etc.

Unspiritual source of information are leading women into perversion and depravity. We were created equal as man, created spirit as gender-less but put into the form of male and female for the purpose of function to achieve the higher purpose and vision of God, and marriage which is first for the reason of function before other things follows, companionship is secondary. That is why we should marry people with vision and weigh whether you can submit and function in that vision. We must regard each other as complementary partners in progress, and not competitors and adversaries. Peace!


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