Abilities in Disabilities

It’s a true and wise saying that there is never a perfect human that has ever existed .You may want to argue the concept, well constructive arguments are welcome as they always give rise to better and great analogies ,but before you argue please read a few lines of this piece.

What then is disability and who are the disabled?

Now contrary to how the society sees and defines disability as lacking an ability to do some major functions of life often related to physical disabilities. The concept disability has been seriously narrowed to only physical disabilities (perhaps is the reason why the so-called disabled lives a stigmatized life).
A disabled person is not a person with impaired cognition, physical palsy or rather a person with hearing impairment, but a person that fail to see so many abilities in the way he/she is. Everyone is unique is in his/her own ways.
On a wider spectrum, disability can be extend to mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, educational disability.. I define disability as the lack of abilities to perform a function in which your equal can do. if then, in one way or the other we are disabled because we lack a capacity to undertake a certain function.

The True Ability

The first step in understanding your ability is acceptance, if you fail to accept who you are, then you can’t realize and bring out the best in your disability.
I am a rational and a optimistic thinker, I always believe that we can change our lives and create a better world if only we can work on the way we think.
The second step is stepping up and handling the situation: Is there anything you feel you are disabled at? Why not gather the enthusiasm and go ahead to see if it might perhaps be something you can master within a jiffy if put in the light.
Thirdly, when you are a master at that particular thing, you need a mechanism that can sustain what you have learned.

Conclusively, today I see so many people with a particular lack of ability ruling the world, when they were asked they always gives a similar response which is “we realized that we must impact lives so we accept who we are and work hard to better our lives”. Hitler had bipolar disorder but bipolar made him to want to take the world, The great Einstein had an initial problem with Figures but with great efforts we are now enjoying his great physical formulae to mention but a few. one thing is they all never quit for any reason.

So keep pursuing and pushing your dreams,you can be anything you dream of becoming don’t let anyone discourage you.
There is always an ability that its only you that can offer to the world. The world is waiting for your ability.
As you alone have that unique fingerprints so does your ability

Jeremiah Bunu ( Mr Exceptional as he is fondly called is a graduate of pharmacy in University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)



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