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A day before my graduation from secondary school, I promised to get myself a book. I had no title in mind, but I was sure I was going to buy. I needed a book for myself, something I bought with my own money, and has my name written on it.

So, I began to save. My target was 2,000. Because of the promise to get a book for me, I was consistent. I was faithful. (I never knew there was anything called the power of saving) how dumb right? But yes, I never knew. I thought books were expensive to buy, and normal cost about 3,000 Naira or even more and as at then, my fear was where I was going to get close to 3000 to get a book for myself.
As I made progress in my savings, I was considering the book I wanted to buy. To be honest, I didn’t have a title in mind. I only knew how to read novels. I wanted to read a different book and taste something different. I was planning on getting any book with a good title.

I wrote all the necessary final year exams I was supposed to write and then graduation day came. Yes, the day to gift myself a book came, when I took my money, I counted it and I found out I only had 1,000… Ah, just a thousand Naira??? What sort of book can I buy with one thousand? Who will dash me a book of one thousand? Ann, you are so unserious. I soliloquized “It’s like you don’t want to buy this book oh? How will you take 1k to go and buy a book from the store? I further asked myself. I had my doubts, I lacked confidence. I was literally scared of being insulted or laughed at.

After graduation, my friends we’re going to take photos at a studio. Some of my friends were using their smartphone to take pictures (mind you, at that time, I never had a phone. I didn’t know what was called an android phone. My friends will bring an android phone to school and I’ll be busy looking at it as if it was a trophy. Some times, I’ll collect their phone and be forming a big girl at school and then when school closes, I’ll return the phone to its rightful owner).

I literally gave up on buying that book but then I said to myself, “Ann if you go to the store and you get a book of 1k, buy it. If you don’t, go home”. I went to the store and the first book that caught my eyes was the ” The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer”. I saw other books but that one was what caught my eyes. I asked the bookkeeper for the price. I was waiting to hear 1,200, 1,500 but then he said 800, I said what? He said 800. Literally, a book as big as this was going for 800? The bookkeeper looked at me and said: “it doesn’t matter the size or pages or price of the. What matter is the content the book carried”. That was really deep, I didn’t realise the dept of what he said until years later!

I was eager to consume the book. I wanted to learn how to be confident and below are the seven secrets of a confident learned that I learned.
 A confident woman knows that she is loved. Having people who genuinely love you is one of the most precious gifts in the world.
 A confident woman refuses to live in fear.
 A confident woman is positive.
 A confident woman recovers from a setback.
 A confident woman avoids comparison
 A confident woman takes action. She isn’t the talk and says but talk and do
 A confident woman does not live in “if only, ” and “what if”.

From when I got the book till today, I don’t regret buying it one bit. It has changed my mind and my perspective. It had given me a dimension of what Confidence is. It opened my understanding of what fear is and the relatives of fear and the dangers they can do to me. Whenever I carry that book to read, I learn something new all the time.

I believe these secrets are also helpful to men. It’s all about building confidence and making an impact. So, whatever you know will serve as an eye-opener for you, get it. It could be a book, video, audio, a webinar. Just get it and develop yourself. Ignore the voices of negativity and the nay-sayers. You are way better than them. Take the advantage to add something new to yourself. To your betterment in personal development!


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