Clever Hans — the horse that was a maths genius

Clever Hans was the name of the horse that became a German celebrity, because of its outstanding ability to solve arithmetic problems and understand the German language. In the early 1900s Clever Hans and its owner von Osten tour the country putting up shows for the people and Hans could be asked 7*2 and Hans […]


Surely with the drama and melodrama that we have been witnessed in the past three years in Nigerian political landscape, corruption card would not be played by the ruling APC in their 2019 electioneering campaign. If there was any decency or credibility in their self-acclaimed anti-corruption warfare, then it is no longer valid or tenable. […]

Virginity Testing

Virginity testing is an unscientific and a medically unsound procedure that has become the order of the day in over 20 countries including Nigeria.  Some few months ago, the United Nations in collaboration with World Health Organization launched a campaign to curb and prevent virginity testing in some countries. Virginity testing entails evaluating the hymen […]

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