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In the midst of thousands,
You can see her gloomy smile,
There in her eyes lay comfortably
Tears of melancholy,

Stationed in her own misfit,
Her mind wanders; her soul shivers
In glum, for there and inbetween the traces
The scars of betrayal prostrate,

The choices of yesterdays happiness
Now sores the heart into desolation,
Lamenting for the trust once given freely,
The soul is soaked in outdoorsy of fears,

Laying hopelessly like an autopsy,
Searching for its peace, this soul
Wonders far away from home, miles away
To the Eastland, With hopes of erasing

The past days of its tribulations,
To find a temporal peace
Solacious to the mind, out of its grief
Just for a day of fortuitous marvel,

All through her veins run the ocean
Of regrets, wondering when and how
It all went wrong, for while all she bore
Were kindness and immeasurable happiness.

All she could reap for these virtues,
Were moments of seeing her loved ones
In pain. Although she was innocent, she
Took the blames and covered herself in shame,

The beauty in her turned to woe,
She could only embrace the
Morose she had those moments and within,
She looks up with expectations,
That these experiences are just nightmares,

Indeed this soul is broken,
It’s drowning in depression,
Desperately in need of a savior,
To restore felicity undeplorable

To reawaken the crumbs of love,
Cloth her with fortune and strength
Fly her on an eagles wing, back to where
She belongs for all she thinks about is home.

© John Michael (MILES_IJAMS)
07069633259, 08162966664


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