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Through the historic lines
Of our heroic fathers
A peaceful toil occured
Independence they attained for us,

The bricks of a new nation laid
Like a lady engaged
All suitors discharged
For self rulership they got us

A nation of beautiful people
made up of colonies and Protectorates
Joined together as one
All Hail Nigeria,

We became a role model
To our peers, looked up by many
Nations, sterling role we played
In the formation of regional

Bodies(A.U, ECOWAS), indeed we
Became an idol to everyone who intends
Living peacefully & developing rapidly,

Our heroes where there
Banging U.N peace awards
Noble Laurent award & others
Again all hailed Nigeria,

Sadly though, the changes in this
Self rule changed these fortunes and
Other beautiful potentials that
Were passed down to us,

In order to bridge the gap
Between the rulers and ruled
The Ideas of equal rights and Political
Participation Nigeria adopted,

It seemed to be systematically
Contained with the best ideals
Of life and this we all celebrate,
Again all hailed Nigeria,

These jucy days seem
To be long gone today,
The beautiful Nigeria fell to
Office loafers in disguise

With chaffs instead of a brain
A stone instead of a heart
They are all Myopically visioned,

Our well crafted Image
Distorted from within and
Outside the nation
Nigeria’s now dissed over the globe.

So,today I have question
Where’s the independence
That our founding fathers
Fought bravely for us?

In school we lived as people
Of Different religion and ethnicity
But yet, from the same bowl
We soaked garri and drank

As small as it may seem to be
Even Maggi we Shared,
The Igbo, Yoruba and
Hausa form the best
Reading group

For religion and ethnicity was
Never a problem between us,
Having each others back as brothers
We lived peacefully as one

In my backyard we all laugh
To the same story
Cry for the same pain
Labor and toil together

For we’re of no difference,
Ripping the fruits of our unity
Indeed we were dream clones,

Bewildering all this traits peace
And unity, today you’re
Asking us to pick a side
Starting from the lines of comments

We all opine on social media
With zero torelence and respect
For one another, down to
Our interpersonal relationships

Now completely disoriented
It therefore, makes me wonder
If we are from the same nation
Or that if Nigeria is still

Living in our hearts
To this extent Nigerians
Should Understand that the

History that we share
And other relevant traits binding
Us together us far more
Important than the things that

Separate us as a Nation,
This nation will truly be
Ours if you do not cheat me
Because of my state or

Kill me because of my faith,
Otherwise, we are just existing
And not living because
For until we are able to overcome

All these vices of post colonial slavery,
We are yet to earn our true
Freedom and call ourselves
An independent nation.


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