Farewell to Mercy(?)

It was a meeting of chance or was it fate?
You were damaged and hanging on by a thread
Covered in glitters that dazzled all,
But like the Oracle of Delphi whose fate was damned by The sight,
I saw through the mist.
Did that make me damned from the start too?
or was I the architect of my own doom?

The sight endeared me to you
And you to me a lot more.
But you didn’t see that,
as the sight was mine and not yours.
I watched a revolving door of suitors blinded by the glitters,
not seeing the single thread holding you.
Men are scum and I was different or so I thought!
Little by little they snipped at the thread,
Until I was all that was left holding you at bay,
But humanity is weak or was that just me?

With insight from The sight, I erred fatally.
And now you are lost presumably gone,
To a better place I hope,
Where you shall feel no more.
But now I am the damaged one,
hanging on by a thread,
With no hope in sight!



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