Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Butterflies in your stomach, dancing in the rain, starry skies and moonlit nights, ooo cut that crap! Neither the movie nor the book prepared me for this. Butter is missing and sometimes all I see is the fly, the location ain’t my stomach, but right in my face yes, that’s because at a point it gets so boring or should I say irritating? Who would want to dance in the rain when the tune is so dry at a Point? At a point where the sky is so bleak, you’d wonder if the moon or star ever existed…

But at a point it’s so beautiful, you’d have to pinch yourself repeatedly to constantly remind you this is reality. Yes, those world of fantasies are mostly realistic to an extent, breakfast in bed, love notes at perfect locations, waking up in the Bahamas to your prince charming and knight in shining armor, a perfect night by the sea with the fire creating beautiful pictures you know would exist if you follow the next step.

What we were not told was that the beautiful pictures we had in our head was reproducible if we’d work. Not just walk with the one we choose or the work like to toil, but the work of making decisions, getting through the phase, deciding to stick to one, getting a picture and making it single. Working towards seeing each other become the best there is to them. Scrap “Boys before flowers” but for the fun, I’d let it stay. If I must say, relationship is work and sacrifice, and unless this, you can’t say “Happily ever after”.

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Chile Chidinma is an entrepreneur and student, she loves singing and reading.


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