Interview with Olufukeji Ejimi

“I have never told anyone these things”, Olufukeji Ejimi said these looking into my eyes with excitement during the interview.

Many call him the friend of the Apostle. He is the founder of Profitable Investor Network, a chartered wealth Manager, an ex-bank trader, the CEO of Value Flow Trading, and of course a lover. He has proved with his life that a man can make money, impact the world and still be a citizen of heaven. If you are to live your dream life, just according to your own terms; how would you want it to be?
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Well of Excellence: Can we meet you Sir?

My name is Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye. My friends and family call me Ejimi- a derivative of Olufukeji: my second, my helper or my assistant. The name was given to me by my father who is the only son to his dad, and I’m also the only son, so he called me “his second”. Olufukeji actually means God has given me a second or God has given me a helper.

I’m the founder of the Profitable Investor Network, an online and offline community of believers who wish to grow their wealth so that they can purposefully live their dream lives on their own terms, while they serve God and bless humanity. I’m a chartered wealth Manager, an ex-bank trader and the CEO of Value Flow Trading; a financial market training consultancy. Happily married to Hope Mari, and we have two children, a girl Sabre, and a boy Jaael.

Well of Excellence: Tell us a little about your wife.

(Smiles) Am happily married to my best friend Hope Mari Adegbeye. We have been friends for eight (8) years, dated for eight (8) years and we have been married for four years out of those eight years. I met her in July 2010, I met her at ENI (eternity Network International). She was a member of the protocol team, we met few weeks to the Kingdom Wealth Summit- a program organized by ENI, and I was a speaker then at the program. Few weeks after meeting her I asked her out, I actually asked her to marry me. I told Apostle Joshua Selman who was her pastor that I have seen my wife. Three years later we got married after God made me know that she was my wife. She was in FCS, I was also in FCS but I never knew her when I was in campus. Her best friend who introduced her to ENI was my friend and also a member of Q.T (a drama unit) which I was the assistant director then. All our friends were friends ,but surprisingly I never met her on campus. We have been married for four years and the union is blessed with two kids. She is a trained economist, but now a UK certified Baker and Cake decorator, the CEO of Sweetness Cakes, and she is passionate about helping women discover their passion, balance faith, family, and finance. She is a fantastic mother and a good friend.

Well of Excellence: Tell us more about Profitable Investor Network and other companies you founded.

The profitable Investor Network is an online and offline community of believers who are aspiring to grow their wealth so that they can live their dream lives on their own terms, serving God and blessing humanity. Primarily an online movement, but we also have offline events where we meet up. We teach and spearhead a movement that encourages all believers to master two (2) skills: how to sell, and how to invest. We know money comes when you sell stuff; a physical product, a service or a piece of information. If you are ever going to become wealthy you must master how to sell, but most believers don’t even know the plan of God for their finances. Every member of the network is encouraged and trained to master and to perfect how to sell more online. However money grows when you invest. So the second thing we do is teach people how to invest online and offline.

So we teach you how to sell your physical products (e-commerce), services (consulting), and information i.e. information marketing. When you come into the Profitable Investor Network, you can register for our paid trainings or the free interactions within the community. Once you do that and you start having multiple streams of income we now teach you how to invest online. We expect you to improve on your finances after you join us in the next 6 months or less. You can do that using your laptop or android device. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into, there is an online dimension to it. My background as an ex-bank trader who traded for the second largest equities investment bank in Nigeria, I was in the five man trading team. I have seen that the wealthy become wealthier by having a diversified investment portfolio of currencies, stocks, gold, crypto currencies, and real estate. All of these can be accessed online apart from real estate. You will be very confident about your financial future if you join us after making use of the available materials. We have a lot of testimonies already and more are coming. We started this movement as a response from an instruction I received from Joshua in the Bible. God told him “Moses my servant is dead now I want you to take my children into their inheritance; the land I promised their fathers” I realized that anytime God wants to bless the body of Christ or increase their influence he always sends a man. It is the responsibility of that man to lead them into a better (financial) future. God told me to go and divide the land and empower the body of Christ so that they can enter into possessing their possessions. Firstly, Joshua went to meet the people who had already possessed the land and inquired from them, they told him the exact thing God told him. They said we will follow you if only you will be strong and courageous. That made me realized the secret to wealth is nothing spectacular; When God gives you a spiritual instruction and gives you a mandate for your finances the next thing is to find people of like minds who have achieved these goals and partner with them, learn from them, then you will be able to replicate their success. That’s what Profitable investor Network is all about. We have resource persons and great people within the group. It is actually a movement, an initiative, not just a company. We let every believer know that they can impact the world, make money and make heaven.

Well of Excellence: How can one join the movement?

It’s a free membership community. Simply go on Facebook and join, also follow my page. I’m the leader of the movement but not better than anyone there. Am just the one that provides some sort of direction and vision, but every other person in that group is amazing. So just sign up, free. You get access to our resources; videos, post on some things like personal branding, luxury sales, understanding crypto currencies, understanding FX market. You can follow both my personal and official pages and enjoy the contents. Immediately you join, ask yourself what you really want to learn. What is it you want to sell? Money leave you when you buy, and money comes to you when you sell, it’s not rocket science (laughs). Very simple! I always tell people to find what to sell or better still, sell yourself. Sell your personal branding, sell your personal values and become an influencer marketer, and do that where the barriers to entry are very small-online. The barriers to entry online are so low. If you start selling online you will start making money this minute. When you register for the paid training, I have a course called the MIMA (millionaire investor mindset audit) or you already have cash flow but want to learn how to invest, you can do the paid course, but if you not interested in the paid courses just join the group and start implementing everything you will learn there.

Well of Excellence: what do you think is the greatest challenge when a man wants to venture out on his/her own?

Let me get my Bible (stood up and later returns with a big Bible) Now, to answer your question I will take you to a passage of scriptures, that’s because God Himself has given us the hindrances that stops a man from getting a material possession, now am not talking about spiritual improvement. I’m talking about physical and material improvement (finances). It’s important to note that in those days land is everything. land was money. They fought for land, killed for land, died for land. When God was saying I will give you land he wasn’t referring to the earth in our own days; he was referring to prosperity, because once you plant in that land (Just like Isaac sowed) you will be wealthy. Everything was land in those days, including the Garden of Eden. (Read Joshua chapter one) he said be strong and of good courage….verse seven and nine (have I not commanded you? Be strong and very courageous) he said I want to give you prosperity, but be strong! Now in verse 18 again the people still told him “…only be strong and be of good courage” they were not there when God gave him the instruction in the first place but they also emphasized that. The number one thing you must do to improve your finances is you have to DARE! To be strong means you don’t break under pressure. A weak thing breaks under pressure, its core disintegrates and its conviction falls apart. You have to make up your mind. I know how many times I told myself I’m going to be a billionaire, that’s my conviction, no one can stop me. It’s funny that nobody tell us this. They say get knowledge, get mentorship, but the first is get conviction and get courage. That thing you set your mind on achieving, are you going to draw back? Most people think their fear is legitimate, and they give too much excuses, “I was born in a poor background” etc. nobody cares about your excuses. It changes nothing, it’s a command you must be strong!

Well of Excellence: Many people would love to know why your friend Apostle Joshua Selman hardly talks without mentioning your name. Tell us how your friendship started.

(Laugh uncontrollably) this is an interesting question. We met on campus during our undergraduate days that’s around 2002/2003. We were both in FCS, wow! We have actually been friends for long that am trying to capture the whole scenario on how we met. But I know he said God had told him that I was going to be his friend, he even said he wasn’t the one that was going to initiate the first conversation. The guy that led me to Christ was his very good friend, and one day I went to the FCS library to borrow some books and I met the two of them conversing. They were passionately talking about Benny Hinn, discussing how the power of God was flowing in his meetings. I was like ‘please, let me just carry my Book and get out of here’. That was my first time of seeing him, at that time I was in need of a spiritual guider concerning an issue, since the other guy had already left the office I naturally turned to him. I liked him, and I still do because he was extremely real though very spiritual. I grew up in Lagos and came to the north for my first degree. Then I use to wear booth, chain, and I probably had an afro. Generally FCS guys then will give you that “are you sure you are born again?” looks. He was one of the few people that accepted me for who I really was. So even the guy that led me to Christ I wasn’t as free, but he made me realized as long as I gave my life to Christ as long as what I was doing was not sin, unethical or illegal, if it’s just my personality i couldn’t do anything about it. One day he told me that God would improve me and change my mindset but he won’t alter your personality. In those days if you are really led by the spirit of God you have to appear quite, don’t wear gean etc. and his fantastic friends became my friends. Then I really loved seeing results and I really wanted the anointing, because the anointing gets you the results you need in God. I also liked money because money helps you to get results on earth. If I want to command people’s attention I pay them. Then he was one of the few people who had a very balanced approach on the subject of money. He was one of the few people that appreciated and celebrated my desire to master money. In those days it was regarded as carnal, but he knew the limitations of money, and he still does. I remember when I had an encounter, God asked me “Ejimi, what would you do if you have all the money in the world?” when I went to meet him he said “you better answer that question, because when God asked you, you need the answer not Him” he gave me books by Benny Hinn, Watchman Nee, A W Tozer, and still he would also give me books on Brian Tracy on goals settings. He was not so spiritual that he was of no earthly relevance, and he was not so secularly minded. I came to appreciate him deeply. People say he talks about me a lot but they don’t realized how I deeply appreciate him. He pushed me, he still pushes me. I remember when I first met my wife whom he was pastoring at that time, I hanged out with her first day, second and third day, he noticed we were becoming close, and he said to me “Ejimi, that lady is my daughter, if you know you don’t have plans for her leave her alone” I was astonished he said that. In my mind I was like “what do you mean by that, we are friends now” but he was serious, he dint even laugh about that. He thought me how to give, and the spirituality of giving. I have always admired Apostle Joshua Selman’s sense of vision. Every single thing you see today in koinonia, in ENI he said it when he had just one bag and one pair of shoes. Every single thing you see he said it, and till date when we hang out he still says it; that we have not seen anything yet. His sense of vision and sense of commitment is very great. I remember those days Apostle Joshua Selman will make a change 500 naira and give all us (his friends) 50 naira each as a seed into our lives. Today he sows millions of naira. I have seen him worked the word. I don’t think I have ever told anybody all of these (smiles)

Well of Excellence: If you are to start your life all over again, is there anything you would love to do differently?

Yes! Now am not a kind of person that have regrets, besides there is value in every experience. There is commercial value in every experience whether good or bad, and there is also spiritual value in every experience; good or bad. I don’t have regrets, if I fail at something there are people who are trying to achieve that same thing, I can package my experience and teach the principles to them for a fee (laughs) so if you lose you learn. If you win you learn and also enjoy the benefits of winning, so I don’t have regrets. I have had a relatively successful live despite my challenges. If there is anything I would love to do is; I would discover my purpose with clarity a lot earlier. People waste a lot of time doing a lot of things that are not pivotal to their lives. I would love to have learnt goal settings a lot earlier. The ability to set, achieve and surpass goals; the art and science of setting a goal and disciplining oneself to achieve. Then, I would have understood the anointing and the keys of the kingdom a lot earlier. Many Christians waste their time focusing on things that doesn’t advance the Kingdom in anyway. Some people would spend all their lives discussing sin or sin consciousness, forgiveness e.t.c but I would have focused also on sorting out mentors earlier. I see a lot of the people I mentor are achieving success early. I talk to some people who are below 2oyrs of age, I tell you these guys are going to be multibillionaires latest by age 30. I would listen to everybody, but would never implement anything I hear from those who lack results in their lives.

Well of Excellence: Sir we are in the internet age now, and it appears the world is gradually changing considering the sudden appearance of new currencies (crypto currencies) and new techniques of trading, how would you predict the future concerning the use of these currencies?

In as much as the world is changing, the world is not really changing. The basic need of human beings have not change; our desire for food, clothing and for a quality life style has never changed. People still want to eat good food, a safe and secured habitation. People desire for companionships, though now its weirder, men looking for men, but still it’s not new, it happened in Sodom and Gomorrah- they use to rape men in those days. I believe we don’t have homosexuality rape yet. In those days the whole nation practiced the rape, as if it was their right. Lot pleaded with them to agree and rape his virgin daughters but they refused. I can’t just imagine such a society. Where does this leads me to-the word of God is still the key indicator. The word is valid and effective through all the ages. So we need to focus on those things that never changes; that way you will rise above those trends. The Bible said the sons of Issachar understood the times and the seasons, people will always need leadership, companionship, and be in control of their lives. People would always need soul prosperity (I wish above all that you prosper and be in good health as your soul prospers) people will always want to feel emotionally and intellectually better and healthier physically. People would always want to seek and know God better, that will never change. I tell people that, let the call of their lives be on unchangeable factors; that’s one of the reasons you never hear me talk about crypto currencies. I talk about financial independence; the ability to leave your dream live on your own terms, I always ask people “this thing you are doing, if they take you to David’s or Abraham’s days would they listen to you?” now if you should tell David “I want to help you grow your wealth so that you can live life on your own terms” would he listen to you? If I tell David ‘I want to show you how to trade crypto currencies’ do you think he would be interested? Ask yourself if what you are saying has an eternal value. My wife is a barker and a cake decorator but her real passion is to help women profit from their passions and to live balanced lives in areas of faith, family and finance; she would be relevant in the days of the Israelites and even in days to come. But she is expressing it currently through baking and cake decoration.

Now Well of Excellence help the younger generation to connect with the older generation through personal development. Now the medium is a website but the message is eternal. Now speaking about John the Baptist, The Bible says when he comes he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons back to the fathers. If you think of your life like that you will know your message, and every other thing becomes a method. I can go to Lagos by car, train or any other thing, but the destination is Lagos. I always think in terms of destination and we switch vehicles based on the trends.

Now let me explain where I see the trends going; firstly, there would always be fear and greed in the financial market, whether its crypto currencies, stocks, shares or paper money. So you must find a way of gauging the level of fear in the market which means people don’t want it because they are afraid and the level of greed which means people are greedy for gain, when you invest in something it’s because you want profit, so it’s not a bad thing. Whatever they say is next find a way of gauging your level of fear and that of greed. That is why I didn’t invest in cryptos immediately, I had to balance the level of fear and greed; if there is fear people would drop that assets and look for other assets. My investment plan is “if money leaves this assets, where is it going”-this is because money in itself can neither be created nor destroyed, I find out where it’s going. That’s why the name of my company is Value Flow Trading. We find the flow of value and follow it. Everything in life is an exchange, that’s why when you sell your cryptos you get your paper money back. Just the way you are here now exchanging honour and time to get information. Nothing comes out of nothing, only God has the ability to bring something out of nothing. So you must find out where it’s coming from and where it’s going; if crypto currencies crashes today, the money came from somewhere and I already know where it’s going in advance, so I go and stay there and wait for it. That’s investment!

Well of Excellence: Sir, what is the reason for your passion towards raising young billionaires for the Kingdom?

Yes, one of the major life goals I have is by age 70 I want to have raised 70 Kingdom billionaires in Nigeria. 70 people who are going to be young who will become billionaires at least in there early 40’s. People who you would call pastors, but you would discover they are not. People who would heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and they make a lot of money. The reason why I want to do that is because I have discovered there are two ways the devil can attack a believer who he knows would never leave God, people who the issue of consecration is already taking care of, they truly love God; such people the devil uses only sickness and poverty to frustrate them. If he can’t get them by these two weapons he totally leaves them. Satan brought out the two greatest weapons he had while talking to God concerning Job in the bible. He afflicted Job with poverty and sickness, but since as he couldn’t get him he departed from him. I see it as my own contribution to the body of Christ to demystify money, since the health sector has been taken care of by many healing Evangelist and medical systems. Apart from the Tony Enumelu foundation, it’s hard to see anything like that going on in a large scale in this country. Money is a relatively esoteric subject, especially in the body of Christ. I want to teach the principles because I know if you have a healthy and a wealthy Christian he will do so much for the Kingdom than a poor and a sick Christian. A poor and sick Christian will make heaven, but will go alone. But the rich and healthy Christian will make heaven and will never go alone, so if you are serious about the issue of kingdom impact and kingdom advancement you must take the issue of health an finances very serious. I believe God put this desire in me, I believe He gives Men to Men as gift. I know every human has a little trait of God that was put in them for humanity; some of us is our sense of discipline, others is our sense of social injustice-we hate injustice, and for others it’s our ability to make people laugh, others have a good listening ear, and to others is our sense of administration. For me he just put passion to live life on my own terms.

Well of excellence: what would you say your hobbies are?

Well, there was a time I use to say my hobby is making money (laughs). Now that am a father of two kids and a husband, I really like spending time with my family. I like my family being around me. I like spending time with my wife; my best friend. I also love analyzing the financial market and creating trading strategies, I think it’s an addiction (smiles) I really love information and I spend a lot of time online doing Facebook, instagram e.t.c trying to see how people use these platforms to make money. I like riding, I love riding my power bike. But since I relocated to Zaria, my wife and I ride bicycles instead because of the risky driving culture here. Myself and my wife love eating outside, since my wife is a trained chef, we like trying out new food, new taste and comparing them. I like

speaking to people. I like demystifying things to people. I love it when after I talk to them they load emphatic exclamations “is it that simple?” I love it. I love hearing people tell me I have a way of making complex things very simple, I love the look of possibilities that comes up from their faces. I love looking good, sometimes I just dress casual but when my wife and I want to make a statement, we love making a statement.

Well of Excellence : why do you think people are finding it hard to apply financial principles of the Kingdom? How would you encourage the body of Christ towards applying this powerful principles?

Jesus said you cannot pour new wine into old wine skin, if you do that you will rend the old wine skin and damage the wine and it will spill out. What He meant is that we need to change how we perceive. He said be careful that the light that is in you will not be darkness. He also said take heed how you hear, meaning something can be true, but there is something in you that control how you perceive and how you receive that turns truth and makes it unproductive, unfruitful and makes it appear like darkness. And there is nothing that can be done until you make a conscious decisions to change your mind and change how you see and how you believe. You must strategically change your mindset. There is a time that God himself, as all knowing as he is knows when something is about to shift in the heavens. He gives instruction based on his foreknowledge of the circles of life. He knows rain is going to fall so he tells a guy “go and get your seed ready” whether or not you sow the rain is going to fall, but he gives an instructions that allows you to be a beneficiary of the seasons he pre-programmed from the foundation of the earth. That’s why we honour the prophetic. Times and seasons belongs to the father but when the spirit has come upon you, it gives you and ability to know and engage per time so that you can be a witness. It is trends that brings wealth, by the power of the Holy Spirit you can peep to know the next trend, therefore your seed will qualify you to partake of the season of harvest. Every point in our life we need a quantum leap that comes as a result of a sovereign wealth which is different from transformational wealth that comes as precepts upon precepts, line upon line. When you sow without a prophetic instruction you may not get the results (there is no time and season attached to that), but if you keep sowing you will schedule times and seasons for yourself. Believers don’t believe because of ignorance, lack of true teaching, lack of proofs, and disobedience. There is also a persecution that comes with prosperity, and subconsciously people don’t want to be persecuted. I know some people who feel bad when they are blessed and those around them are not. These people try always to downplay and claim recessions so that they won’t fell guilty for being successful. But I advise you never to feel guilty for other people’s poverty, all you need to do is contribute and help them, your prosperity is your responsibility. All believers must have a mindset that they have something to contribute; you may not have silver and gold like Peter in the book of Acts but he said “what I have I give you”. Peter was without money but he knew he carries the anointing. Believers must change their mindsets to always knowing they have something to contribute.

THE WELL: sir thanks for your time, we are really blessed listening. Webelieve someone will experience powerful turn around because of this interview.

Thank you Well of Excellence, I had a nice experience. God bless you and send helpers to you (smiles).

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