The Power of the Minority

As the sun revolves round the earth continuously dividing the day into morning and evening, time travels like a river carrying its contents to the seas and the oceans. In my little life, I see something I wish to understand. I tried searching out why my generation takes casually many secrets of the ancients and the dead, why the ideas and philosophies that made us what we are gradually slips away, why we live our lives fortuitously. Many are blinded because their minds are functioning at a debased value which explains why a low quality of life is inescapable in our generation.

The strength of the minds of people especially the young and agile keeps wearing away. We are gradually losing our individual power and uniqueness, our individual potentials and dreams are trampled by the so called MAJORITY, in my generation the majority is feared.

I was astonished when I discovered that the most important decisions ever made throughout history that changed the course of the human life was made by few people, sometimes just one person with a big heart, a determined spirit, people with an unwavering faith and a non-staggering mindset. I observed it was only twelve (12) disciples that fearlessly spread the gospel with the conviction that caused them their lives. Nelson Mandela of south Africa and few of his friends moved for the freedom of their people and emerged victorious, time will fail me to talk of Mahatma Gandhi of India, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and many others who with their faith transferred what they believed to the minds and hearts of all their followers making them to change their priorities for the betterment of their counties and future of their children and grandchildren. I know of a man who changed the calendar of the world to BC (before Christ) and AD (anno Domini-in the year of our lord) and so it shall remain that the unborn will come to know of it. Some flesh and blood walked upon the earth and made foot prints that will influence the next generation.

It is very obvious therefore that it is not the crowd that change the world or makes the difference, it is few people or the minority that have always impacted their ideology and philosophies be it a good one or a terrible one . In my generation unfortunately the majority are always right-even if they are wrong. Democracy as a form of governance is deficient in the fact that it says “the majority should decide” the majority of people these days however lacks the same sense of moral and social responsibilities that was present when democracy was enacted.

Little wonder I watched the majority passed a bill and approved that to be sexually promiscuous is okay.

I see the majority decides in a senate seating that abortion is okay if the woman is not comfortable with it. They say “let’s increase our wardrobe allowances “and it is a big YES. I see the majority declaring war on a particular nation. The only thing the majority is afraid of is defending the oppressed, caring for the needy and the poor. The majority is afraid to rescue an under aged who was forcefully married to a “big man”. The majority has failed to govern us as it should.

Perhaps it is time for the young men to stand for the truth and use that same power of the mind, that powerful force of faith and determination, even if we are just the minority. Let us be obsessed with desires to achieve the impossible. The voice of the people is the voice of God they say, but in my generation the voice of the people of God is the voice of God.

The sun that shun when before our grandfathers were born is the same sun shining now, it will be shining when our grandchildren will join us when we have long departed this world. Therefore the force of faith and determination that was present before is present now. We must speak and work to defeat evil. Fools multiply when wise men are silent (Myles Munroe). Until good overcomes evil we must never relent. Let’s do it even if we will be in the side of the minority. For good will eventually overcome evil if we stand long enough to transfer that faith and ideas without any kind of fear.

If the minority is right-I STAND WITH THE MINORITY.





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