Verse 1.


I was born into this world a long time ago, into a society that I didn’t choose and to the parents that I didn’t choose either. I was born anonymous, with no form of identity. Nobody knows me and I don’t know anyone either, I was given a general name as the society and civilization demands for every new Born…” baby boy”. My head was empty, I could think of nothing, I had no fears nor worry about nothing but I could respond to normal stimuli in the environment; I cried whenever I was hungry, when the weather is hot or when there’s a painful stimulus. 

My mind was at peace. I didn’t know what religion or tribe was, I didn’t know what it meant to hate my fellow man or what death was.

I was just living in my own world enjoying my peace and getting things done according to my mother’s discretion because I couldn’t express myself, so I was literally at the mercy of my Mother. 

But what happened then? I was given a name and I was told of the do’s and don’ts of the society. I was told to identify with a particular religion and to follow it’s rules strictly and never to deviate. From then I started to acquire knowledge according to my society and religion, I started forming habits, my head is now getting a form of information that is ‘supposed’ to help me navigate through life. I was happy that am becoming a man, happy because am living according to the expectations of my society and religion… And I was so engrossed doing them.


Verse 2


I also enrolled in school to get a formal education, I learned a lot. I was happy that I am getting explanation to some of my unanswered questions, being a science student was awesome because I can now explain things like gravity, Hooke’s law, oxygen and combustion, how blood is formed, how it circulates in the body and how babies are formed. I was excited at the things I learned, it makes me wonder at nature, the universe and how things work. I also learned about economics, sports, politics, fashion and entertainment, and others. 

One thing I learned on my own is that ALL the knowledge I acquire in life are the works of fellow men like me, people who put their mind to discovering more about human existence, people who discovered who they are and what difference can they bring to the table to make life better, people that helped to answer questions that the common man is asking but do nothing about it. They are people that sing their own song, they create their own lyrics, they help profound solution and now they are remembered for their own song, remembered for the lyrics they created. 

I know their lyrics and I can sing their song and whenever I sing their song, they are the people that would be remembered not me but what about me? Do I have a song? I now realize that I have to sing my own song, I have to do something different. Let people remember my song let me contribute to humanity, let me profound solution to the unanswered questions of the human mind and humanity.


Verse 3


We all have songs in us, our songs are our dormant potential, our talents, what we ought to do to make life better. Worshipers of people’s ideas are common propagators of falsehood, they say experience is the best teacher, but it mustn’t be your experience. Let’s learn from others to help us develop ourselves and ask questions as to why things are being done in a particular way and that will help us sing our songs better. Let our own talent, our gifts, the great potential we have, our song that the world is eagerly awaiting not die within us. 


Inspired by Alessia song


Written by John Sadiq 



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