Piece de resistance

The cause:

Picking up the pieces of life is like patching a broken glass; it can never  be the same, and when you view it, the nibbles of you reflects back.

Incorporating this sight creates a perception of you that shrinks the ultimate estimation of how you see yourself. Consequently, contracting the aim of your purpose  into a tiny fragment of what it should be.

The initiation:

Many a times, we lose ourselves trying to find the things we want, forgetting that the things God wants for us are exactly all we should crave for. As a result, we wallow aimlessly in ignorance. At the end we find ourselves back to the same spot where we’ve started with  nothing tangible in our hands, realising we’ve achieved nothing.

The reason:

Purpose is a goal  or intent that drives us towards our predestination. A purposeless life is one without a vision, mission and destination.  Therefore, a man  void of the comprehension of God’s purpose is without life .

The summation:

At this point, we have to pick up the pieces of our lives. This time not to patch it up but to remold it. we do this by  searching for the deep thoughts God has for us through the Holy spirit until we arrive at the perception of GOD’s plans for us. Then , we can walk in the way of our foreordination with our heads high knowing we are no longer made of broken pieces, but we are ‘PIECE DE RESISTANCE’.

By Sharon Cicisoko

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