My heart would skip a million times not in excitement but fear whenever there was a need to travel. The dread I had for road trips was second to none. I’d do absolutely anything but travel.

Well, the reason wasn’t far-fetched, I almost always threw up each time I traveled. The thing is, the first two road trips I had, the ones I could remember of course I threw up; Plateau state to Enugu state and Plateau state to Abia state and my sense of reasoning was tuned to accept that as a norm.

What I didn’t know then was that there were triggers. For me it was exhaust fumes, eating heavy before a trip, taking too much water on an empty stomach, and excess bumps on the road, yours could be different.

Soon it was time for University, this entails constant road trips at least till I was settled in school, thoughts of them made my hair stand at the back. It was so bad that I even threw up on my first day to school, my saving grace was the fact that the vehicle had stopped to drop a commuter so I immediately dropped and eased myself by the side of the road. The thought of going through this for five years couldn’t go out of my head.

Five years down the line, road trips have been added to one of my most enjoyable activities, and it almost tops the board you’d be surprised. I’ll tell you how.

First of all, I reconfigured my sense of reasoning, throwing up wasn’t a norm for me on a road trip, It was just one of those things that could happen to anyone and so wasn’t specific to me. The triggers were controllable. So I checked my eating habits especially when traveling, and I reduced my water intake, for the uncontrollable, I don’t forget to pick a handkerchief or hand towel for my nose, and some lobes of bitter kola for the rumble that comes to my stomach due to the bumps. Well, with time I didn’t need the kola or handkerchief anymore as my system gradually became comfortable with road trips.

Now I relish every moment spent on a road trip, I get excited at the mere thought. On-road trips, I get to think clearly, its a birth-place for a lot of ideas, and this was even written on a road trip.

By Chile Chidinma


About the writer

Chile Chidinma is a student entrepreneur. She loves reading, and when she is not reading she sings.



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