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The change which we clamor for is indeed within our reach, the better life and good governance which we seek should be our creature and not God’s. The social justice and equality which has eluded our society is the aftermath our deeds and not divinely imposed. All the good fruit of life which we desire could be ours if we sanitize and clear our minds of all antisocial, anti-justice and anti-people factors prevalent therein. It is apt and very necessary that for us to move forward as a nation, there is a great need and demand for cleansing our minds. For change to be effective, we must rid our heart of things which are inimical to our personal growth and that of our Nation. Sanitizing the mind as the crux of this article entails and projects several action points and obligation which are:
a) Unlearning what we have learnt which is fast dragging our society into an irredeemable pit
b) Thinking out of the box for possible redemption
c) Freeing our thoughts and emotions of all gibberish and junks which ridicules us among comity of nations.
d) A holistic change of behaviour and lifestyle.
This article aims at canvassing the importance of sanitization of the mind as a pre-requisite factor in the actualization of societal change and development.


As a nation, we have dwell in darkness for too long, our society have been void of social harmony, justice and equality for decades with no end in sight. However, one thing is certain, the re-making of our society is our collective duty. It is biblically captured that, one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand, hence the need to undergo this cleansing remain sacrosanct for change to materialize. If change must occur then we have to first of all get rid of those things that have kept us in bondage for years. We must see the sanitization of our minds a core course which must be taken, we must see the exercise of sanitization as a pre-requisite factor in our quest to achieve social justice, equality, peace and unity. We must in the words of the famous African writer NGUGI WA’THIONGO decolonize our minds. We must decolonize our minds in the direction of Religious bigotry, Ethnic jingoism, Political suppression, Education strangulation, Sectional sentiments and abnormal praise of mediocre which have become the order of the day in our society.
There is no apology in affirming that no society will grow effectively in the face of these destructive factors. We must make hale while the sun shines, we must build our nest at dawn if we must sleep with our two eyes close. The fact remains undisputable that we are bless abundantly among Nations. With the presence of natural and human resources in Nigeria, poverty and underdevelopment should not in its lowest degree be identified with Nigerians. We must set our machinery working to achieve the reverence and dignity we deserve by reforming our attitudinal disposition.
At this point, the vital question to ask now is: in what form and manner are we to sanitize our mind? It should be boldly noted that sanitizing the mind embodies the very change and transformation we yearn for. Hence our line of action should be attach to the following:
 Unlearning those things which destroys us: it is true that change begins with everyone inhabiting in our society, be it citizen or not. We must unlearn sentiments, sectionalism, Ethnicism and social injustice which are now stumbling block to our collective existence and development. As advocate of societal change, we must champion the crusade against these factors by unlearning, relearning and learning things which can salvage our state of decay and poverty.
 Thinking out of the box stands tall in our quest to achieve societal change. We must not procrastinate in taking decisions which are life transforming. Gone are the days where Government avail opportunities for her citizen. If we must grow, we must not depend on the Government for everything. Indeed things have changed greatly! We must put on our thinking cap and think differently if there must be change in our society. We must not stick to analog forgetting that digital now rule the world. We must not allow the world to be ahead of us in any way, no matter what! We must bring on our developmental and innovative skills and set them to work, we must free our minds of tendencies and factors which have compromise the sanity of our society for ages.
However, we could only know and see these if and only if we sanitize our mind!
 Holistic change of behaviour is a necessary factor which must be considered to achieve a genuine societal change. We must invite light to drive out the darkness in our heart, all the sectional and religious junks which are tearing us apart must be purge to enable us see through our differences and rebuild our Nation. Attitudinal change is key to achieving a sane society.

Sanitizing of the mind is indispensable in re-positioning our society for the better. As emphasized above, this exercise must be undertaken by all and sundry irrespective of class distinction, ethnic differences and nationality. We must learn and understand the fact that we have come a long way to compromise the hard institutionalized democracy through our unguided attitude and destructive political sentiments. We must strive to build a society that is devoid of rancor, political vendetta, youth restiveness, bad governance, ethnic/sectional campaign, religious intolerance through the sanitization of our mind. Sanitizing the mind embodies reformation, cleansing and restructuring our thoughts and actions towards collective existence, social justice and political equality. It involves emptying our minds of things which undermine our growth and development. It is true that heart is the engine room and power house of man, hence for a man to be positively incline and determine, sanitization of the mind remain sacrosanct and undisputable.


Stephen Okangla


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