The word success means many things to many people and at different times. But the focus will be as it relates to what success in life is, the contemporary definition of success is based on the possession of material things. For instance a person in today’s world is considered successful when he/she has the latest car, house, golden ring, wrist watch, etc.

It is amazing how people have reduced themselves to pursuing these things at the expense of their health, family relations and so many other things that accompany such pursuits. This desire and craving has led so many to compromise on their belief and value system. It is pathetic how by reason of this view of success an undergraduate degree as valuable and precious as it is, has been reduced to a meal ticket. The problem with this kind of mindset about material possession is that, it will work for some but will not get us to where we should be to as professionals or businessmen; it is only a display of poverty or ambition. A mindset of this nature has only catastrophically led to:

  • The elevation of appearance over substance
  • Celebrity over character
  • Seeking short-term gain over long lasting achievement
  • The me-first approach to life

If these were the core values of our founding father we wouldn’t have institutions like Ahmadu Bello University and the likes. And it suffice to say that great men like Yakubu Gowon, Nelson Mandela, Murtala Mohammed, etc., that we so revere were not in the narrow pursuit of popularity but had commitments to some bigger purposes that outweighed selfish gains – the commitment to make life better for the next generation. The things we have made our central goals and objectives came as byproducts of bigger purpose for them.

friends, when you go back to your locality the people around you don’t really care about how much naira you have in your bank account. But they see you as an intellectual, a mentor, a counsellor, and finally a leader.

We cannot afford to jettison their hopes into trash bins, we must as a matter of responsibility become successful for them. Barrack Obama in the course of his speech which he delivered in Arizona state university commencement in 2009 told a story of a Professor and his project student. The professor showed a video clip of the medical device developed by the student used by disabled people in Africa and at the end of the clip, the student made a declaration that “we want to become successful for them”. This is the success I am talking about! Making a difference! Touching lifes! We have responsibilities hanging on our shoulders, we cannot afford to burden the future generation with the debt of irresponsibility, and the spread of the myopic syndrome toward success has to end. Nigeria is a great Nation and we are the future and hope of this nation. That future depends on now and it start with you!

Take up the challenge today to redefine success and recalibrate your value system.

LAWAL, Ibrahim.


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