The Ame[af]rican

 I heard the ships are gone

Why you still at the harbour

Are you loving sight of the seas?

Or the sound of oversees on

The dark lips of the locals


Your forefathers were Cowards

May be not your fathers; they are

Still here in their forefather’s shrine

Apples don’t fall afar the tree

The ships left- with your pride in chains

It spells freedom


No you don’t know the meaning

Of freedom, you were birthed

Wearing linked heavy jewelries

And some round neck tags

Feeding at the masters feet


TODAY your former masters weaved

New neck tags only lighter

Yet serves same purpose- (A tie)

Even stronger than the former

He tied it round your brain

~Chanting white is supreme~


I know your sin; OBEDIENCE

Obedience the currency Of a slave

Emancipate your self from mental slavery

Or live like you never existed


Proselytes, from creation

Your color is Black, black is your weapon

Black is your identity Black is FREEDOM

Freedom is Everything.

©Olize Val.

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