I was asked one day what is the greatest failure of Africa and I said: “Africa’s greatest failure is not recognizing and discovering herself”. Africa suffers from what the medical practitioners call schizophrenia. Sometimes I asked myself what would happen if we are among the superpowers, what would have changed as it is today. Maybe a few things or very little if you asked me. When the colonialist came to Africa with their religion and sense of civilization or rather assimilation they enslaved our intellectual prowess, chained our gifted hands of architecture. Convinced us about our inferiority and demolished our African culture and pride. We accepted defeat and proceed to a level of unimaginable inferiority, in short, we lost hope in ourselves, so we sold our resources for bread and mirrors and we called “foreign investment”. Today Africa is on a dinners table eaten by superpowers as prof. Patrick Lumumba will say “today Africa is dependent to the extent we borrow the white to do the thinking when the brain was given equally and free to all humans”.
Ask me again my friend about the audacity of Africa’s mediocrity and I will tell you Africa has the best quality crude or the so-called black diamonds but Africa spends and loses billions of dollars for the importation of fuel and subsidizing what they already have. Ask me again my friend and I will tell you that Africa has universities in their numbers but many tend to attend European universities depending on which country colonized her. Meanwhile, we have the University of Cape Town, University of Nairobi but we don’t have faith in our teachers and the government continues to play politics even with the system that was supposed to inculcate best academic practice. Suddenly the school system became the enemy of creativity and talent. Because of the nature of the then African leaders like Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkruma, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, African countries were predicted to join the industrialized nations of the world and take her proper place into committee of nations but what has happened? Leadership turned to rulership and forced authoritarianism across the African globe. Today there is meaninglessness in the defence of African territorial integrity, abuse of power by the lords of democracy and abuse of human rights.
It is unfortunate or rather disappointing to remember how betrayed our founding fathers will be if they can rise up and see what has happened. With no doubt in my heart, they will be welcomed by an Africa where presently the central Africa republic is at war, where the democratic of Congo is unsettled, they will be welcomed by an Africa that is still in the business of slavery of both the mind and man.
Sometimes I wonder if the colour of our skin has clouded our brains too but I then remember we had great black men of honour that lived and made exploits through challenging mediocrity and they said to themselves it’s time for us to stop running away for being black. We must define beauty for black power.
Despite our challenges, I believe in the power of transformation through purpose and in the resilience of focus that Africa can rise beyond hating herself, that Africa can also produce what it consumes, that Africa can change the mentality that it cannot do things for herself.
How then can we move forward? I think it is time for us to begin to love Africa. Buy African products and produce Africa’s needs. I believe the time has come for us to develop a strategic master plan achievable for a reasonable number of years for us to have the United States of Africa. I believe the time has come for us to think about Africa and stop thinking like we are enemies of ourselves. Once we realize politics and religion are not the key ingredients to determine successes of a nation we will strive towards perfection by developing infrastructures befitting to note and outstanding among counterpart. By that we will move the African state forward and dreams of our founding fathers will never be in vain. I believe and dream prosperity for better Africa and when the time comes even the oppressors will recognize us as a country and state of pride. The struggle has just begun and I dare say we will not give up on ourselves.



About the writer:
Hyeladi Isa is an entrepreneur and a communicator who believes in the rebirth of a new Nigeria and a better Africa at large. He is the CEO and founder of AD Hena Diagnostic Laboratory services. He is also a political strategist.



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