Broken songs do not make any rhythm
So are poems with broken lines
They make sense to no one but a victim
this poem is not an exception, it’s born out of a hideous pilgrim.

at 5:30 in the am
The news reads:
200 bodies descended into Hades with broken bones and burnt spirits
Each carrying its shadow in its hands
Humming a Catholic hymn
“Shall I come an empty handed?”
Until then did they realized that this world is not their home.

Oh plateau!!
The new hell where memories of cold wars are buried by the news of wars that are bold.
Somewhere in barkin ladi,
A pregnant woman is carrying her cross like a desert traveller trembling on hot sand
she wants to crucify the portrait of a cow
Painted by her late husband who was slaughtered like a cow.
It seems to her humanity is nothing but a grazing land for cattle.

Listen, the drums have changed in beats
Perhaps, the drummer’s throat has been slit open too?
He’s been beating the drums of war the very day he was born
So as to mourn the souls of thousands who were killed by the heads-men.
Plateau! May the spirit of the deceased speak to God in anger.

Tell him about the children whom he said are the apple of his eyes
Echoe to his ears the cry of their prying soul, may they find peace in paradise
Remind him of our Moses who has no staff
Now we are stock at the red sea, what will he use to strike the sea?
Perhaps, ours is not a stammerer,
He likes sandals even on holy lands.

The drums will beat again
But only the brave will dance to it
only those who see the face of God
In every lyrics of a broken song
Only those who have the balls to ask God the question;
“must Africa have
to come the third time?”

©Kyenshak Polycarp ‘The Poetica’

Polycarp Kyenshak, a recent graduate from the department of theatre and Performing Arts at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria hails from Mangu LGA in plateau state. The writer and thespian, still in his early twenties, has in the past few years proven himself a force to reckon with in the field of literature, especially with his impressive use of language in creating a poetic orifice imbued with such unashamed wit and artistic precision that only he could muster, making him a point of reference not just to his colleagues at the University but the numerous art lovers who have had the chance of encountering his many poetic works produced in his signature pseudonym “The Poetica”. Polycarp joined the community of poets on social media and has been disseminating thought-provoking quotes and poetry on instagram @the_poetica. Polycarp’s passion for art is heightened by such expressive involvement with the many ways in which human experience of love, desire, oppression, peace and existentialism are portrayed. Having published some of his poems on national and international anthologies, Polycarp has a conviction that is rooted in the ideology that poetry doesn’t need to rhyme, it just need to reach where one’s hands cannot through the dramatic and narrative. The Poetica is no doubt one of the emerging young voices in the arts not on the plateau alone but the entirety of Northern Nigeria.


7 thoughts on “THE NEW HELL

  1. This is powerful, I pray for many Moses out there that they will not be lost in the cares of this world, Nigeria will rise again 🙏

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