We look forward to a time where the first consideration will not be religion, regionalism or God-fatherism but credibility and competence .

We await the time where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody.

A time where elections will be free and fair. Where the wish of electorates will be honoured and leaders elected rather than imposed on the masses.

We look forward to a time when embezzling public funds
will not be the reason we want to be leaders but to make things better.

We look forward to a time when from the poor to the rich,
From the young to the old, efforts will be channeled to making things better because only us can remedy the situation.

We look forward to a time when our brains will rather stay and build home than look for greener pastures elsewhere, a time where we will be a standard in all sectors and a force to reckon with.

A time where our industries will be revamped, a time of agricultural boom, a time when our constructions will be effectively handled by our very own Engineers.

A time when our leaders will no longer go on trips for medical vacation.

We look forward to a time where everything is working that we’ve Contributed to make work, a time when we’ll be proud to call Nigeria Our home

This is however impossible when we keep blaming one another for our woes and keep seeing change as a thing that only those in position can bring when in reality you and I are the appropriate pilots of change, until that time we will not have the Nigeria of our dream, let’s keep playing your part, God bless Nigeria.


DR. Saminu D. Musa


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