The Stronghold

Young man, you are lucky that you are still young. Young lady, your age is a blessing to you. I have come to accept that young people truly have time-not that we should relax- but we have enough time to grow and become what we are destined to be, but most of us do not know that the excuses we manufacture anytime we should do what we know can increase our value and that of others is born out of a stronghold.

The stronghold is not what we see, it is what we’ve created within us. It is a veil that separates us from living the life we desire because we’d thought there is something that should be added to us before we could become qualified to showcase what we’ve got and influence our generation.

On the contrary, I have concluded that those things are our own limitations, built by ourselves and when we desire to, we can tear them down with our own hands.

How did I come to that conclusion?

I have been privileged to sit with some of the people that are considered successful in business, religion politics and academia in Nigeria. During our closed door meetings I tried to ask reasonable questions, I noticed with amazement how some of them answered with tears in their eyes when I asked questions like : what would you love to do differently if you were to start all over again?

Their reply has not been totally similar, but their body language is almost always the same. There is always a pin drop of silence, a recollection of the past then the answer follows, some begin to stammer and shake. Some quickly close their eyes for few seconds then open them again. I tell could who was trying to hide something, I could tell who had moved on, I could tell who was still attached to the past hurts and regret, and I could tell who lived a worthy and satisfying life. Those experiences changed my life. It took away the worry from the superficial matters that young people hang around their neck. I come to realise there are things that matters more than the things we chase often. They are things we must protect and defend even if we loose everything. I realized things like family, relationships, faith and love for one another and allegiance to the country we live in are things we should fight for and defend with all we have.

Secondly, there is something I realized. While we celebrate people and even want to be like some of them, most of them are not attached to all the accolades. In fact, most of them are willing to give up everything if only they can fix the most important things in their lives. The things we get freely, the things that money cannot buy. These people have come to accept that they could have become far greater than all these if not because of the stronghold they had in their youth. They admitted that they had enacted some mental stronghold because of their negative experiences, their background, attachment to failure and many other things.

My appeal is simple, now that we are young. Let us consciously avoid creating mental walls and strongholds. Let us intentionally begin to see possibilities. let’s think big, and when we do, let’s act according to the way we thing- that is the foundation is true success. If you believe you are a Lion we should see you behave like one.

By A.M Misal


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