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These banana peels….

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Maybe I should have titled this piece: where are the young people of this country?

I opine and agree no less with the bandwagon view that the youths are the future of this country. My soul tickles as my heart fails like a body that has given way to epilepsy. I break intermittently with sparks of seizures as I perform a monodrama dance of death within the public glare. Unconsciously I rip off my green clothes, my white eyes turn blue then red … the aromatic stench of my piss become the water that cools my body as sanity returns but it does return in the midst of the odds … where did I go wrong?

I wasn’t born in 1960 but I read how the Nigerian story started. It baffles to note however that our story was initially that of Uhuru until the military struck in 1966, hunting down men, women, youths and children like antelopes in a stupid warfare theatre they tagged, ‘Civil War’. Like a piece of cake of ‘I take my own’ and ‘you take your own’, Nigeria was divided into factions. The seed of amalgamation in 1914 was the bitter seed we swallowed as we were led to the marriage altar by a Lugard who Lord himself over our ancestors. The same surgeon who performed the surgery of ‘healing’ turned out to be the one that attempted to tail the golden child after polarizing us into what he tagged ‘protectorate’ of the southern and Northern Province and gradually, we got divided further. The Yoruba’s had their piece of cake they called west; Igbos settled for their Eastern portion as the Hausas comfortably took the portion of the North. Bedeviling was it as these power sharers broke our nation further, from Mid West to South South and North East to North West, need I include not the central zone of the north … it was all a four taste, at least from the various riots that emerged in the aftermath like Aba women riot, the Kano riot, Ife-Modakeke crisis, Zango-katap crisis, Tiv/Fulani crisis and the needless civil war that turned one million souls to ashes by 1970.

A political thinker once said “Africans do not know themselves as they hardly learn from their past.”

The motivation for this entry is to reach out to the youths. We have been down for so long; licked like sweet by those who think themselves superior. They see us as wraps, peeled off and thrown into the garbage … they even called us “banana peels’ but we must rise, we, the youths of this country have long sat on the fence but the time to take our nation back is now ….
Beyond the sweet rhetories of taking over; we must answer Vital questions and such answers must be given in specifies. Turning the page of this country is in our best interest but how prepared are we?

How holistic are our intentions or do we continue with the polities of bitterness and drums of war beaten by our fathers and fore-fathers? Will we walk the path of vindictiveness or that of healing and forgiveness?
The grey haired people have taken too many wrong decisions, over caution and Tsunami miss-steps that keep growing from a bird’s view that in turn makes us retrogress as a nation. Are the Igbos ready to work beyond the dark year of1967 that stealthily crept into 1970? are they and will they?
The Yorubas in recent times want to yank the green white flag to adopt Oduduwa but will they drop this tribal plot of secession? It has become a parlance amongst the Hausas to hold Professor Ango Abdulahi’s ‘born to rule’ catch-phrase. Will they allow their ego break and allow ‘the minorities’ to have equal voice devoid of sheer sentiment?

My dream Nigerian is the day that State of Origin will no longer be a factor in our admission processes. When herdsmen and farmers will co-exist regardless of who owns the lands or cattle. When ASUU will no longer embark on needless strikes as the government become responsive to our basic needs such as good roads, water and who says electricity cannot be free in Nigeria. I look forward to that day when protesters will not be crackdown by security operatives. It is not a wild dream that the insurgents can become our resurgent. That day when we look out for one another in the spirit of unbroken love and unbroken ego. When none, no matter how small will be bullied by any tyrannical establishment and petty despots whose stock in trade is to trample and relegate every free people. These are my dreams; this should be our creed. The main straw that will break our ego. What sayeth, ye mankind that the coloured people keep seeing as banana peels?


Daniel Aderibigbe

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