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She will always sit and stare at the sky reminiscing all the beautiful and happy memories she’s had through out the past years, then she starts to think.
“Friends, do I even have friends cause the last time i remember having people I call friends was since my secondary School and that was last year and I’m about to go to the university, what would it be like to have friends around me again, would it be different or just the-same but with some sense of maturity. She lists the friends she thinks she have around her but they are actually an excuse of not being left out she thought, what kind of people do i call friends when i can’t even confide in them or share my problems with, she thinks she needs some serious intervention.
“Dreams, she thinks dreams are some kind of wishes that just comes to pass without any sense of work ” i need serious help she thought” because dreams do not magically come to pass, hard work, patience, deligence , prayers and forgiveness are the answers to dream comes true she thought, because that’s what her father said to her, I love my father and i don’t think my father would tell me things that will lead me to making wrong decisions because he is a man of principles, so in order to achieve a great height of success i must have those attributes she thought.
Figuring out what she wants to become in the future is of great importance, she just got admitted into the university with a course she applied but is now having doubt about that because of her rising passion for baking and learning new culinary skills, she has thought of becoming alot of things in the future like becoming a professor, an actor, a nurse and many other fields she thought she’ll do great, but this great love for making doughs and the lovely aroma that escapes from the oven while she bakes is driving her insane, can she become a great baker/chef someday or should she just go and study something that she thought she likes but is now having doubt about it and just pick up cooking and baking as her hobby during leisure time she thought.
Family is of very great Importance she thought and she’s blessed with a great family, she has five siblings three sisters and two brothers, they are all amazing and i can’t trade them for anything else, sometimes we may fight, get upset with each other and give our parents headache but we are still one after all she thought. My parents are of great importance, my dad is a hard-working man he works to see that his kids are comfortable with every love and penny he has and my mother takes good care of us, disciplines us and pamper us with the right advice, i want my parents to live long she thought so that when we become great they will reap from the fruit of their labour.
I really have to learn how to forgive and forget more she thought, forgiveness is what makes us move ahead in life, life without forgiveness would be like living in the past through the-same pain over and over again, so in other to move forward we have to forgive and let go off the past she thought.
She prayed saying Lord help me in all my endeavors, help me understand things that are hidden from the eyes of men and with every decision i will be making ahead of time, she knows the Lord has answered her prayers because she is a person of strong faith she thought.
He is so handsome she thought, his eyes are perfectly shaped, his nose are so straight, his body is so fit could he be my prince charming she thought, but he’s hurt me so bad and I’m here fantasizing about him how foolish of me, but come to think of it i am really dumb i have never even spoken to this guy before but i always see him and he also doesn’t have the guts to talk to me, is he also shy or proud the only thing we do is chat and the last message i sent to him was completely ignored that’s really bad, it’s been a year now since he completely ignored me but i still feel the way i did the first time i saw him.she keeps dreaming about him over and over again, but if loving this guy is a sin then she’ll be so guilty, perhaps he has a girlfriend, perhaps she’s not up to his standards, perhaps she’s not that pretty. She just didn’t know but concluded with thinking that if he’d meant for her they’ll surely be together someday she thought.
I think i should love myself more she thought, but wouldn’t that mean being selfish, but i need to work on my self-esteem because i can’t allow people to look down on me, I need to have great respect and admiration for myself, i need to see a good opinion of myself and not doubt myself whenever someone praises me that’s what self-esteem meant she thought.
The stars started vanishing little by little because rain was coming and the clouds were talking over the sky, she said i wish Fairy tales were real i could’ve just made a wish by just seeing a shooting star, after all I’m just an ordinary teenager who has alot of wishes…SHE THOUGHT.
All these are the thoughts of an average teenage girl thinking about the most important areas in her life from love to friendship, dreams, family and many more.


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