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We are in 2019 and Nigeria is still groping; it is like we are swimming in River Taraba and still have soap in our eyes.
Do you remember that song we sang in church when we were younger? (Devil you must be shamed in this world) Believe me that song failed to be true. The devil is yet to be shamed neither has his followers developed a sense of shame. They seem hell bent on filling our mouth with sand and pushing us beyond our breaking point. But I still get confused about who the devil is. Whether he is human described metaphorically as a supernatural being or as a supernatural being in human form Im yet to tell. But most times I think he is human. Humans cause problems for other humans. The gods, in all honesty, are not to be blamed. Dont you think so?
Mum, some scores of years ago, when she gave birth to us, named us JudeJedy and added a full stop. She had hopes, high hopes, that her children would be her insurance, so she can enjoy lifes wealth before arthritics sets in, unlike her mother who only tasted honey when her light was dimming. But now you can see, she still suffers for us but somehow she hopes her insurance cover wont blow over. Hmm! The worst problem a man can have is when his own problem comes from him and he consciously adds fuel to it. My brother, what could be worse than that? In the north people are bombing others for reasons best known to them and the gods. Down south, others are kidnapping and putting human beings in body bags. Come to the centre and the putrefying stench of corruption will scarcely let you breath. You see in this country we are our own worst enemies and we know it. It is no longer rats that bite on our toes whilst blowing air on it, we do it to ourselves, the rats have grown pass biting toes, they now steal BUDGETS, SNAKES SWALLOW MONEY even to the tone of 36milion and MONKEYS are not left out of it, it seems animals are much more disciplined than our country men. The gods (and the devil even) are not to be blamed.
But tell me, what is our hope? We whom our fathers still cultivate the soil to feed and our mothers stake their best wrappers to send us to school? Do you not see it as I see it, that we have become like the tailless cow whose JUJU must help fight off flies? But now our problem is super complicated as it seems even our JUJU have gone to sleep at high-noon. Ah JudeJedy! Will you forget? Do you not remember how in primary five, before we were bumped up to six, our class teacher, Miss. Silvia, had made the whole class cut the word tomorrow on cardboard paper which she later pasted on the wall and wrote We are the leaders of tomorrow”, “We set the pace for others to follow. Were you not hopeful then that one day you will become as we were called leaders of tomorrow? But look, tomorrow has failed to arrive. The sun journeyed through the earth daily but yet it failed to bring tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will never come. But tell me, my future me, has tomorrow finally arrived? Are you living in tomorrow? Have we become the leaders of tomorrow like we were told? Do you hold a government position? Or do you sit in a large government office and make money disappear the way Professor Adamu, the famous magician, made things to vanish? Have you become like those we sent to represent us in Abuja and to the government houses, but who ended up biting us harder than mosquitoes in wet season? Karianeh! Tell me you have not.
Do you remember how mum cried out in anger years ago at the difficulty in finding a good secondary school for you and your consanguineous? Today another mother is still crying at the difficulty in finding a good school for her children. Do you still remember the story of the man who died on the operating table due to a combined woe of medical incompetency and power outage? Truly, things have not changed much. We, in 2019, are still exchanging blows with problems of yesteryears problems that wont be a problem if selfishness didnt exist. Worst still is the fact that these problems are not felt by the rich but by the middle and lower class. Maybe if they felt the pinch as much as we do, things would be better.
What new discovery has been made in the future? Has science discovered what happens after death? Have they found a way to take from or send money to the land of the dead? I suppose not, but if they have, please keep that knowledge to yourself (tell no one in the present, even I) for human greed is unfathomable. Remember, as you rise in life that there is a low. That though money is sweet, love is sweeter. It is not for nothing that the good book tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. And that the rich rule over the poor, and the borrower- a slave of the lender.
Yours always,

Jude Dismas Jedy is an Accountant, Actor, Writer and Essayist. Jedy was born into a Panso family in Gembu Mambila Plateau, Taraba State Nigeria. He has attended Centre Primary School Maisamari, Government Day Secondary School Maisamari, Federal University of Technology Yola (FUTY) and currently attends National Open University of Nigeria. He lives in FCT Abuja.
Favourite Quote: Two things define you, your patience when you have nothing and you attitude when you have everything.

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