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It was Exactly 5:16am when I awoke, certain because the way she shook me could bring the dead back to Life. It made me remember when she wanted to apply for Nigerian Turkish Entrance Examination and Daddy had told her to remind him early the following morning. Till date, I can’t remember him adjoining meetings with her again.

“Ebuse, Are you even listening? You said I could talk to you about anything”
Lazily, I dragged myself up and sent my eyes straight on the time on my phone.

“At 5?” I murmured.
“Didn’t you say anytime?”
I gave her question a dumb attention, wiped my face, faked a big yawn but She wasn’t giving up.

“What’s up?”. I quipped.

Anxiously, She began ” Hmmm, I watched a movie”…

“Oh My Precious Sleep!” I muttered to myself, Poor me! So my sleep was disrupted just so I could be told about a movie that could have waited to be shared during the day?

I was going to scream out but did my best to restrain and catch up.

“…She finally gave him a chance and they went on progressively till he professed his love and she did too. There was Love, friendship, promises and forever was theirs.

“To cut the long story short, she found out he wasn’t entirely hers and she wouldn’t live forever by his side. In the years to come, she won’t be the girl he loves, shares secret or open up to because he will be a total stranger.

Please why is this happening to me, Just why me? “, Maryamu blurted our with masked frustration.

Wait a minute. My tipsy ears came to full alert! Did she just say ” me “? So this wasn’t a movie after all but I knew better not to attack her at the moment.
Seems she got that I caught her because right when I tried to look into her eyes, she quickly looked away. forcing a smile.

I returned her smile but knew her pain was deep. Then I wished I understood Love. In my state of loss all I could do was reach out for her hands and urged her to just come off and tell me what actually happened.

“Kola is getting married this December”, she said with a voice pregnant with pains. “A mutual friend on Facebook shared the wedding invitation yesterday”, she continued.

She attempted to force that smile again but her eyes cast a gloom on her face. I stole a glance at her hoping to find even a tiny chink in her demeanor that would give her story away as a joke. I found none. The look I got told me Maryamu meant every word.

I bit my lips in indignation, preventing the urge to scream curses…”What a scumbag”, I cursed under my breath. I never even liked him.

About four months ago on a Sunday after church service, Kola Oresanyo had walked up to Maryamu’s mother to seek the attention of her beautiful daughter, and with that, My friend had concluded that with such respect and confidence.
“The One has finally arrived”.
Since then things moved so quickly. There were lots promises, romantic video calls and chats, She had even chosen cute names for their unborn twins.
I saw through the rollercoaster after but all attempts to slow Maryamu down and bring her in terms with reality have always been met with ” Bla Bla Blah, You should just meet him”.

Consciously sliding back to the silence of the room caused by Maryamu’s confession of amnesia.
She wanted so much to understand why Life has always been so unfair to her. I had little answers to her queries. I just sat on the edge of the bed and held her tight to a hug, doing the best to assure her that this isn’t about her, It is just life at our growth phase.

But nobody really told us how bad our hearts, dreams and aspirations might be broken or how the journey of Life goes from one tussle passing on to the next hussle, each presenting itself with great huddles and struggles.
Everything wouldn’t always seem right yet questions will meets silence.
Answers will challenge intelligence.
All efforts seem worthless and genuine feelings will be taken for granted.
When wisdom demands welfare but distractions pulls you down.
When you knock on heaven’s door but the noise on Earth is overpowering.
Famous online but depressed offline.
Zero ideas where your next line of actions leads you.

Or how do you explain the strong-willed who dared all to rise against the ills of the society so as to save the future for the less privileged. They had gone to the streets with ideas loud on their voices and hopes written on a placard but received scars and death certificates?

What has happened to our generation?
At what point exactly did we miss the mark? Federal Government must really sort out an agreement with ASUU. We really need our academic lives and environment back.

There had been too much to think this year that got us stuck in our heads and lost in the many intricate mazes of our emotions. It has made most people depressed because we ended up over thinking even the least of things in our lives

“Buzzzzzz”, My phone signaled the alarm notification, jolting me out of my reverie. It was time for morning devotions.

As we go about our activities through the day, It felt really good when I saw Maryamu post some beautiful pictures of hers on Facebook.


Bathsheba Nerus.


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